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With privacy concerns looming, it should be easy to find ways to keep your data safe and your web browsing clear. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have a long history of security-minded Internet users. In general, businesses require you to have some technical knowledge and be able to fix low internet speeds for security reasons, but this is becoming less and less true every day.

Tunnel Beer is one of the many VPN services that puts its claim to the public as a VPN. With its intuitive interface, lightweight design, and relatively fast browsing speed, Tunnel Beer is worth your attention.

Bear-ly there design

Downloading the Tunnel Beer app for Android was a breeze. After immediate registration the email was verified and I was ready to hop from tunnel to tunnel.

Whenever you access the Internet, you need to do so through an Internet Service Provider (ISP). The thing is, everything you do online is somehow recorded by your ISP, even if those data aren’t easily accessible. In contrast, a VPN masks your Internet and activity and IP address by rooting through the VPN provider’s servers instead of your ISP.

The app is very responsive and intuitive. An animated map greets you with your home tunnels and tunnels available around the world. Your bear serves as a friendly guide to your current VPN location. I’m physically in Brooklyn, but my bear and IP address are in New Jersey. I was told to click the button and I was now on VPN.

Free users have a monthly data limit of 500MB. At first glance, this may seem like a lot, but maybe even more than enough! However, seamless web surfing helps you get rid of this valuable data quickly. Tunnel Beer offers an annual subscription of .8 9.99 / month option or .8 59.88, with a 50% discount.

If you want to become a free user, there are ways to get data by downloading Tunnel Beer to your computer, referring to a friend, or tweeting about Tunnel Beer.

If you never interact with the options found within the Tunnel Beer app, you’ll still have a great experience, but you’ll miss out on some great security features.

Within the Android [you can toggle voice only in iOS] app you can toggle sounds, vibrations or add some fast clouds to the map. This last feature is purely cosmetic, but it also increases the level of zen in the app. The best features include a series of bear variations with extra layers of security

Ghostbear turned encrypted data into something similar to ordinary Internet data. Ghostbear is usually useful because it makes it difficult to know if you are using a VPN. According to Tunnel Beer, ISPs can use a tool that can identify VPN traffic. The explanation is quite technical, but Ghostbear is great for countries with strict Internet laws.

If your connection is down, Vigilant Beer will stop all traffic. But again, this is only available on Mac OS, Windows, and Android – not iOS.

Split Beer lets you select apps that are exempt from Tunnel Beer. This would be great for apps that don’t use an internet connection or if you’re trying to save some data by skipping a bandwidth-heavy app. However, this feature only works on Android devices.

A Seamless Experience

The Tunnel Beer app was ideal for the first time VPN experience. I saw it in the background, surfed the web, and never saw its presence. However, if it was working in the background it was a bit of a battery, but you can easily disable background activity to fix this problem.

Tunnel Beer serves as a proxy for Chrome browsers and Chrome OS. Just download it as an extension, select your server location from the drop-down menu, and you’ll be in business. The same map of bears that tunnels from place to place, the same level of security.

The Need For Speed

A VPN is only as fast as its speed, or more, of how much it reduces your Internet experience. Functionality and convenience are important, and it’s important that you have a new nail technology experience. VPN can still be labeled as a “useful, but not necessary” piece of technology.

My wife, as a personal story that proves the truth, does not see the importance of using VPNs even though she understands today’s concerns about the security and privacy of the Internet. She can see the price, but she doesn’t have to. A lightweight app that doesn’t interfere with its web experience, however, “What’s the harm?” Large VPN adoption gateway.

So far, I haven’t seen any performance barriers using Tunnel Beer. The sites I visit frequently, as expected. Sometimes, there is an incredibly small interruption before loading a new site, but I’ve had a long delay using a regular browser and Wi-Fi for some obvious reason. Overall, it’s a smooth experience.

After enjoying the default server speed and convenience, I decided to go international with Tunnel Beer. The first stop was Canada, or Toronto was more specific. Once in a while, loading a site may be interrupted again, but nothing that is surprisingly distracting or burdensome.

Going even further, I headed for Brazil. Again, the speed was relatively fine for the Tunnel Beer app. The delay was a bit more noticeable on this server, but it was something you could quickly forget when you started browsing.

However, Tunnel Beer is not the fastest VPN. Running online speed tests for my regular connection can reduce download and upload speeds by up to 20 Mbps compared to US servers and German servers. I can allow Netflix content without any actual buffering issues, but if your speed slows down you may need to pause and allow some time for buffering.

Netflix and TunnelBear

Privacy and security are great and so is everything, but sometimes you want to watch Netflix on the go and access the same library of in-house content. However, the streaming service has been actively blocking VPN and proxy activity since 2016 to protect regional licensing agreements.

Tunnel beer is affected. If you want to see your home Netflix selection while living in another country, you are out of luck. At first I thought I had a problem with Netflix across devices. I tested the default server on my Chrome browser and was able to badge US content without any problems. So far, so good.

It seems that Germany has no problem with the tunnel. The same great Netflix experience, which now has a section dedicated to “USTV” and the action and comedy sections clearly featuring popular German titles.But once I clicked on this foreign content, Netflix stopped my activity and asked me to turn off my VPN. I’m stuck Looks like I won’t be doing Netflix and Tunnel Bearing anytime soon.

A Seaworthy Bear

Any VPN can promise private browsing, but there may be leaks that will soon remove this security veil. Fortunately, there’s a quick way to make sure nothing is missing from your secure contact. All you have to do is look for a DNS leak test.

Domain Network Service (DNS) leaks when a traffic escapes a secure network. If you visit a website and the request for your IP address from that site is sent to your ISP’s server, not your VPN, you have a DNS leak. DNS leakage is a major security flaw in your location or what you see on the web.

A quick Google search is needed to find the DNS leak test. Plug in the term and click on as many tests as you like. If a simple or extended test shows only one server, you have a secure connection. I tested for DNS leaks but found nothing. “I was in Toronto and the tests confirmed that,” Tunnelbear said. Turning off the advanced safety features on Tunnel Beer did not cause a leak. Glad to know, you’ll be safe even if you’re using the vanilla version of Tunnel Beer.

On the confidential side, TunnelBear says it has a bit of a log of user data. For example, it collects email addresses when you sign in for an account, but claims not to log in when you first contact a server. You can read the entire privacy policy to understand what data TunnelBear has collected, but know that it is not enough to identify you or your habits.

A VPN For The Rest Of Us

Tunnel Beer is a great introduction to VPNs. There were no technical barriers to preventing you from being online, and you can use it on multiple devices. This is what you want from your daily VPN even if the download speed can be much better. If you’re interested in safe browsing, give Tunnel Beer a shot. You will not be able to run your personal Netflix abroad, but you can surf the web with ease and peace of mind.

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