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Top 5 UNDERRATED Games for Android | You Need to Play IN 2020 |

No 1: MadOut2 BigCityOnline Game

MadOut2 BigCityOnline –A huge city awaits you, you’ll be the king of the streets in this game. The majority of the action is going to take place behind the car’s wheel but who said you can’t get out of it and shine somebody’s face by stealing his car. The game’s range of vehicles is impressive, there are family sedans, and the most ridiculous sports cars. You can also compete in these events, perform tasks and just drive around the huge city freely. And if you’re tired of playing alone, then you can go to the server and do battles online.

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No 2: Afterpulse Elite Army Game

Afterpulse Elite Army-a third-person multiplayer shooter from GAMEVIL with fantastic graphics and lots of gameplay features. The planet is plunged into a global conflict in the near future, in which players will be members of special units, performing missions behind enemy lines. Like everyone without exception, numerous and varied improvable guns, cards and different shots without a stop.

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No 3: Gear Club True Racing Game

Gear Club True Racing-an exciting racing project with fantastic graphics, and an online competition with other players is available. Value that explains every little detail, a multitude of possibilities, many sports cars, their in-depth transformation, which will take all newcomers into their free time with a long-term impact on road behaviour, easy management and dozens of different routes.

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No 4: Assassin’s Creed Identity Game

Assassin’s Creed Identity-a new game from the popular series on the Assassins Order and the Templars opposition, in which players will travel to Italy during the Renaissance period. They must perform hundreds of tasks in the role of a leader of an old organization, and finally reveal the mystery of the elusive “raven.” The gameplay is fun and absolutely realistic with excellent graphics, different character groups and freedom of movement.

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No 5: Iron Blade Game

Iron Blade Medieval Legends RPG-an excellent new Gameloft game where players are invited to immerse themselves in the grim medieval world of dark magic and awaken the demons and evil spells. He’ll go through all the tangle of mystery as a young and courageous fighter, pave the way to the goal and beat the antagonist in the final fight, but many adventures and amazing achievements await him before he waits.

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