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Top 5 OFFLINE Survival Games for Android & iOS


THE GALAXY: SURVIVOR — a fun Android game where you’re going to survive on distant planets. You’ll have full freedom of action in this adventure game, where you’ll be able to extract different resources, build a shelter and craft objects. Plunge into the world of vivid graphics, high quality textures and decent resolution. You will be traveling on five different planets in the game, each with its own colour, living creatures and unique atmosphere. The game will delight players with a vast array of different things you can create and use in the game.

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No 2: Radiation Island Free Game

Radiation Island is an action game with elements of survival, good graphics and gameplay that don’t bore fans of open-world activity. The protagonist took part in the experiment in Philadelphia and was thrown on an island in an alternative universe. Everything you need to avoid dying from the hunger and teeth of local predators must be provided. And then you begin exploring the world where many more dangerous creatures than normal animals live. There are also things that don’t pleasurably leave the character and the damp spots. That’s why you should be as patient on your walks as possible.

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No 3: Minecraft Trial Game

Minecraft Trial — this project has become the game’s official version created in 2008. Nobody barely knows what Minecraft is and how to play here. This game summary is everywhere and every one of us has already seen himself in it at least once. This is a fascinating sandbox in all respects which will give us the most amazing feeling and a sense of true freedom. You will find yourself in a world that is completely limitless, where you can do whatever you want. You can build buildings, dig caves and enjoy the gameplay with the aid of different materials.

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No 4: This War of Mine Game

This War of Mine: Stories— a fascinating story planned for you in this simulator continuation, in which the family is trying to survive in incredibly difficult and harsh circumstances. Play the position of family head and try to save her daughter from the horrors of war, as well as help her family leave the besieged area. The game will give you a vast array of different emotions, as well as an incredibly addictive gameplay with revolutionary enhanced game mechanics.

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No 5: ARK Survival Evolved Game

ARK: Survival Evolved is one of the most successful pc survival games lately. This success is quite understandable in that the game has outstanding graphics, an immense open world and a rather original approach to the world model, and you will not only have to try to survive in the atmosphere of giant prehistoric pangolins, but also seek to tame them and make dinosaurs function for your community’s benefit. It wasn’t without a fighting part of course. And here it’s time for mobile device users, we were delighted by developers with a mobile version called ARK: Survival Evolved.

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