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Top 5 Best OFFLINE Games For Android 2020! | ProGamerPK |

No 1: Bike Rider Stunts Game

Bike Rider Stunt game with crazy action stunt! Bury the competition as you drive through a variety of treacherous tracks in a game of bike stunting while enjoying realistic bike physics and fast-paced gameplay in bike racing. Best chance to be master of tricks by applying stunts in 3d game racing. Place the helmet, start your motorcycle and be a part of the adventure of this bike race game. Prepare to enjoy fast moto racing. Your objective in the game, complete multiple levels successfully, consisting of difficult and dangerous tracks and jumps. Realistic and eye-catching graphics to give you the best experience in bike game.

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No 2: Forgotton Anne Game

Forgotton Anne — a great project of adventure that can be called an interactive animated movie. Beautiful graphics, the original setting, a complete plot full of twists and surprising surprises and much more, making this game a great representation of its genre. Gamers are going to travel to the “forgotten lands” nation. Missing objects that dream of being found collapse there. Where Anne’s main character lives. That’s designed to keep certain parts in order. And when an uprising breaks out, she is compelled to start investigating what’s going on.

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No 3: Real Rally Game

Real Rally— the perfect rally representative on a mobile phone with drift mode and other features. Overcome hundreds of tracks at the wheel of fast cars with different road surfaces like asphalt, sand, gravel and mud. You can choose from three methods of management, and activate the most convenient of them to show excellent results. Be directed by the co-pilot’s signs and voice navigation, which warn the player in advance how to behave before beginning turns and difficult sections, such as reducing speed to appropriate and passing the track without leaving the road and collisions, since it is necessary to clear the distance in the shortest time possible. The Real Rally game, by the way, introduced an auto damage model in real time. As you progress through the tracks, you’ll discover for them even more high-speed cars and skins that improve their looks. Additionally, the developers have added a drift mode, which is not often found on the rally theme in races, good graphics, first-person view and unique tracks still in the game.

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No 4: Cover Strike Game

Cover Strike-3D Team Shooter-impressive in its offline shooter qualities based on the sacred precepts of games where a team of commandos and terrorists is present. Beautiful graphics, different maps, a range of weapons, hazardous opponents and other aspects will please all setting fans as well as all those who prefer solo travel. The positions are worth noting. There are not only classic towns and port areas in the Middle East but also urban development, military bases, buildings and many others. Well, convenient management allows for smooth and accurate control of the character in any possible situation.

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No 5: Endless Nightmare Game

Endless Nightmare is a free, realistic graphics 3D Survival Horror game, frightening sounds combined with puzzling storyline will take you into a creepy and thrilling world! In the creepy house, you will find lots of items and clues, which help you figure out the truth of the situation. You should also pay attention to the horrible woman during the exploration process, run straight away if you meet her, hide in a closet or under the bed are good ways to get rid of her. Of course, you have the opportunity to fight back, gather and mount parts of the weapons, shoot her to win precious time for yourself! But don’t take it lightly, she is going to revive! Please note that your goal is to collect clues in the house of horror to find the truth and escape from here!

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