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No 1: Jurassic Island 2 Game

Jurassic Island 2 Lost Ark Survival-a sequel but more a new chapter in the history of the tropical island community’s mysterious and mystical dinosaurs. The main character, the plane’s pilot, hasn’t even time to enjoy the country’s discovery, is not marked on the map because it was shot down and was on the beach. All survival fans will be inspired by beautiful visuals, various mechanics in terms of construction, hunting and other items as well as an incredible and high quality environment.

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No 2: The Walking Zombie 2 Game

The shooter Walking Zombie 2 Zombie-a sequel to a great shooter produced by first-person Alda Games. Players prepared a new major hero who was born with virus immunity and turns humans into zombies. Waiting for him is a full story campaign with lots of missions, side quests, visits to cities and fortresses, finding weapons and ammo, RPG elements, and many other features that will cater to walking-dead fans.

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No 3: The Elder Scrolls Blades Game

The Elder Scrolls: Blades-now on Android devices, famous fantasy RPG. The player is going to go into a dangerous world full of magic and terrifying monsters. The user will assume the role of one of the Empire’s secret warriors, who went home to protect and restore your city from monsters. To carry out dangerous tasks bordering upon suicide for this character. Together with these gamers, they will have the opportunity to buy various weapons and armor for the hero and will be able to take part in battles on special arenas with other users.

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No 4: Oddmar Game

Oddmar-dynamic Android platform game where you’ll be brought to the mythology of Norse world. You play in this game as Viking Oddmar, who is trying to find his place in the forest. The adventures of our hero start after eating a mushroom which gave him a fairy forest and magical powers. Now our hero goes on an exciting journey through the 24 hand-drawn scenic levels and passes all of the game’s tests. Solve tricky puzzles based on physics rules, and combat with strong bosses. Choose the right style of play and the arm.

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No 5: The Walking Dead Season One Game

The Walking Dead: Season One-Adventure game about a zombie apocalypse theme. The story’s protagonist is Whether a prisoner is being taken to another correctional facility. The character finds oddities along the way and at one point someone falls under the wheels of the transport. The protagonist finds around the crowds of bloodthirsty zombies when he waked up after the accident. Fleeing from the walking dead, he finds himself in the village and meets Clementine, a little girl whose parents have been bitten. The heroes must now unite in order to survive.

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