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Top-5 Best Free Android Games of 2020!

Top-5 Best Free Android Games of 2020!

No 1: Orphan Black Game

Dive into a grim, twisted puzzle-adventure retelling Orphan Black’s key events. Orphan Black: The Game is a turn-based adventure puzzle game based on the hit television show Orphan Black, chronicling the mystery surrounding a sestrahood of clones that are part of a global conspiracy pushing the boundaries of human cloning experimental science technology and ethics. Players direct their beloved clones through a series of difficult puzzles set in the world of Orphan Black as they work together to relive elements of the television show as revealed by a fever dream.

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Top-5 Best Free Android Games of 2020!

No 2: Cookies Must Die Game

Put on Balls. Jack is a super-secret agent with the special powers that government scientists implant in his body! He must stop a group of evil, mutant cookies and their powerful bosses before they drag his town down to rubble! Please, please! Pick and sling the best weapon on the battlefield! Begin a stirring and intense battle. Crush your enemies, survive the attacks, and with your smart movements and abilities beat big bosses. The biggest challenge you can encounter is already here, peppered with platforming moments and sheer devastation. Time to really become a hero! Crush and break as many enemies as you can (deadly jellies, angry sweets, scary chocolates and many more delicious yet dangerous characters). Cookies Must Die is a fast-paced, platform based epic action shooter game with easy-to-play but hard-to-master gameplay. Simply swipe to jump or run, and use the power of slow motion to fire with extreme precision. The effects of slow motion make the whole game feel like you are in the Matrix.

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Top-5 Best Free Android Games of 2020!

No 3: 99 Dead Pirates Game

99 Dead Pirates is a game of action where you guide a mysterious pirate on his grueling journey to discover the truth. What’s the problem, then? The answers you want lurk behind loads of bloodthirsty pirates. 99 Controls by Dead Pirates are simple and well designed for touch screen apps. Your character is moving slowly ahead and the opponents are standing in the middle of your path, each waiting for your arrival. You can attack by hitting the button, however each attack uses energy. Therefore you need to be careful not to run out of it. On top of that you can make your character dodge obstacles by swiping up and down. In 99 Dead Pirates, the aim is always the same: to get as far as you can while taking out all of the enemies you’re crossing paths with. But it’s not going to be easy, of course. The more pirates you destroy, the harder it is to push across adversary ‘ endless lines. Even the slightest error in calculation could end the journey of your character. 99 Dead Pirates is a great action game, beautifully designed so you can play with just one hand vertically. And the graphics are outstanding. In fact, there is a well-developed storyline in the game that even allows you to make some very important decisions.

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Top-5 Best Free Android Games of 2020!

No 4: Ghost Racing: Formula E Game

Ghost Racing: Formula E is a live racing game where you get to see what you’d like to drive around different circuits in Formula 1. You’ll be immersed in real-time Formula E Virtually Live trials, to be more precise. Ghost Racing: Formula E contains a box you can use to show which car you’ll be playing with. Indeed, if you continue to participate in races, you will be winning incentives that will help improve the performance of your vehicle. Another thing that should be emphasized is that you can save and watch the replays of key moments that happened during the races later. You’ll have to wait for the day and time of the race in order to access every live trial. Ghost Racing Visuals: Formula E is well-designed and all the cars and features included in the circuits are in 3D. In a subjective view, you can also turn between cameras to watch the race from a zenith viewpoint or from within the vehicle. The gestures are very close to nature and the sense of speed is really conveyed effectively. To drive your single-seater, all you need to do is take advantage of the gyroscope of the system and change the direction and tap on the screen to control speed.

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Top-5 Best Free Android Games of 2020!

No 5: Ice Scream 2 Game

The seller of ice cream has just come to the area! He’s abducted your buddy and neighbor Lis and you’ve seen it all… using some form of magic, he’s frozen your best friend and taken him with his van somewhere… Your child is gone, and worse… What if more kids like him are missing? The name of this frightening ice-cream seller is Rod, and he seems to be very child friendly; but, he has an evil plan and you need to find out where it is. Everything you know is that he puts them into the ice cream van, but after that, you don’t know where they’re going. Your goal will be to hide inside his car, to solve the mystery of this evil villain. To do this, you’ll be going through various scenarios and solving the puzzles needed to save the frozen boy.

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