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Top 5 Best Android Games Not Available on Google Play Store | High Graphics Games |

Green Glass is a beautiful 3D graphics platform with old Chinese style designs. The images in the game are crafted with high quality, sharp display on mobile platforms. With the style of romantic sword play you’ll enjoy epic battle scenes, but there are still dramatic action scenes. The movements are beautiful, flexible and smooth with very special effects. Character shaping is also a highlight that makes gamers interested in green glasses, you will see pictures of romantic characters with old clothes, horse riding around the world. With such quality graphics, Green Glass has a huge capacity of over 1GB. Therefore, you need to play the game with a medium or high configuration device, the new game can be smooth. Unfortunately, NetEase does not allow players to adjust the quality of graphics to match gaming devices. Anyway, the image is a highlight of the game.

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Serious Sam – a portable version of the great meat of the first person shooter, which includes the first two episodes of the series. The plot of the game is very simple: using a serious antique art object, the serious Sam is sent back in time to prevent the end of the world. The gameplay here is very impressive – in a variety of outdoor locations the player has to deal with crowds of enemies using various weapons and aids in the form of kits. You need to move and shoot again as soon as possible, so that the enemy can not crush the hero without ruining his plans.

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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard – an advanced shooter game for Android in which the user will control three Elite Special Forces personnel involved in removing criminals and terrorists from different parts of the world. During 11 missions, the player destroys enemies, rescues hostages and resolves a difficult situation. Put out the fire. It is important to use a large arsenal of weapons and special equipment that will help you work without harming employees.

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The Amazing Spider Man 2 – the official application for Android, with the Eponymous movie. In the role of Spider-Man, the player has to frustrate the plans of all kinds of villains. Gamers will be able to travel around the city to see the magnificent panoramas of the metropolis, complete missions and assist the police in defending justice. In the Amazing Spider Man 2 there are no obvious restrictions, an open world is spread out in front of you, thanks to which it is easy to navigate thanks to a special rope web. Of course, there are all kinds of applications displayed by the corresponding icons on the map. In GPS mode, you can get accurate information about where the character is and what missions are available for him.

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The Conduit HD-in the first person you are waiting for a brand new shooter. The story line takes you to the near future of Washington, in the US. It is here where all of the game’s acts will unfold. Aliens attacked the planet again and here’s a Mr. Adams, a shadow organization employee. Trust hires US agent Michael Ford to destroy the invaders. There are 18 types of weapons for attacking and defending the main character, entirely unknown to him, to which you will need to adapt and learn their characteristics. Furthermore, the aliens are not one species but as many as 14 and each one is special! You’ll be able to learn more about the specifics and causes of the invasion as events unfold and solve more than one question! The excellent object control device – All Seeing Eye, as well as support for the game via Bluetooth using the GameStop joystick is also worthy of mention.

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