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MT File Manager Apk | Carry Out A Variety Of File Operations On Android |

MT File Manager Apk is a veteran Android platform classic artefact, which is a powerful programme with a special double-window file management and powerful APK editing function, so you can perform a variety of phone file operations and easily change the Android programme. This paper is written based on a good understanding by the reader of the concepts of internal storage and root directories for files-document folder-paths. If you are not acquainted with the above, my recommendation is that you need to learn some fundamental programming knowledge. If you are unable to load images of this document on your screen, please switch to a Chromium Kernel browser, such as Chrome, or open it on your Android phone.

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MT File Manager Apk allows users to handle root authority files, but it doesn’t mean that when using MT, you always need root authorization. Root authorization is only needed for operations such as visiting / data, remounting / system, etc. In the main settings, Apply for root privilege and Customize Su Command are open. Once you open Apply for root privilege, during initialization, MT will attempt to acquire root authorization. You can increase the startup speed by disabling this setting if your mobile phone is not rooted, or you refuse to give MT the root authorization. Su Command Customization is to customise the command used during the root authorization acquisition phase. The normal command is su, so you may customise a command if it’s wrong.

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MT File Manager Apk Features

  • You can copy or transfer files, create soft links, rename or create files(folders), perform file batch operations. If you grant MT the root privilege, you can access the system directory, delete the read-write file system, change file permissions, and change the owner.
  • Much like WinRAR, you can open files in ZIP format, then you can erase, rename, zip, add or replace external files with ZIP files. After the extraction, you don’t need to repack the files. MT Manager facilitates the simultaneous uncompression of every portion of the files in the ZIP.
  • A strong text editor comes with MT Manager, so you can edit a big text document smoothly. Functions include seeing numbers, flipping the world wrap, zooming the font size with two fingers, automatically defining codes, highlighting code syntax, automatic indentation, and replacing standard searches.
  • It has image display, music playback, font preview, script execution, text comparison, and other features. You can easily see the storage unit, FTP link, bookmark, history, method, and so on in the sidebar.
  • DEX editor, ARSC editor, XML editor, APK signature, APK optimization, APK coexistence, signature verification elimination, RES resource confusion, RES resource anti-confusion, translation mode, and so on are the key functions of APK editing.

Download MT File Manager Apk file from Downloading button below and enjoy this app.

App Name MT Manager (Apk)
Updated 2020-09-20
Current.V 2.9.2
Req.Android 4.0.1 and up
Size 8.92 MB
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