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MSI Afterburning FPS counter is a best tool for monitoring GPU CPU while gaming

MSI Afterburning FPS counter tool is one of the best software for system FPS, GPU, CPU, and other features monitoring. Basically, this software display a detailed overlay that shows FPS, temperature and fan speed, etc to your emulators. We will guide you that how to enable MSI monitoring feature with installation by our step-by-step guideline.

1: Download MSI Afterburner
Your first step is to do, is to download MSI Afterburning FPS counter tool from the given link. Just scroll down to find its downloading link. When you click on downloading link, you will be redirected official page, simply download the supported version for your PC windows. If you already installed this software then you may skip this step.

msi afterburner fps counter

2: Install MSI Afterburner
When you download the MSI Afterburner file, it will be zipped. You will need to extract it with official extractor software. If you don’t have an extractor tool on your PC, then scroll down to find the extractor tool downloading link. Sometimes windows usually have a built-in extractor software. Now, if you have an extractor tool then just right-click on the zipped file and a dialog box will be open, just click on “Extract here”.

When you extract the zipped file, you will see some files. Find the actual installer of MSI Afterburner. Double click on the installer file to install the software. First of all, the installer will ask you that in which language you want to install the software, Select your favorite language such as English and then click Ok. After proper installation of software, a Welcome message will display. Simply click Next to proceed further.

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The next step will be contained with the License Agreement. Just click on “I accept the terms of the License Agreement”. Now again click on Next for further step.

Now next section dialog box will be open, just make sure that “checkbox the RivaTuner statistics Servers” is checked (Clicked). If it checked then press the Next button for further procedure.

msi afterburner fps counter

Select the partition & folder where you want to install the MSI afterburner software and press again “Next” button. In the next section dialog box, simply disregard and click the install button for software installation. MSI Afterburner will take few seconds to be installed and once completed. RivaTuner Statistics Server will start. Follow the previous steps to complete the installation.

3: Enable and Configure MSI Afterburner Settings
After proper installation of MSI Afterburner software. Open it, a shortcut will be created by default on the desktop. If you don’t see MSI Afterburner icon on the desktop then click on Windows “Start” text from the left side below or press “Windows Logo” button from the keyboard and type in it MSI Afterburner and then you will see MSI Afterburner icon in the search list, click on it to open software. You will see a software startup layout, Now click on CogWheel icon from left sidebar.

msi afterburner fps counter

In the settings layout, click on Monitoring menu, in this menu, you will select FPS, GPU, & CPU hardware for monitoring in-display overlay. By default, some hardware is selected, Unselect them and select GPU usage, a black tick will show on left side, now from below you will see “GPU usage graph properties” check (tick) the Show in On-Screen Display, you need to do same process for “CPU” and “Frametime” hardware too.

msi afterburner fps counter

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Once you select your all required hardware with proper option, do it before open your game. First open MSI Afterburner software and minimize it. Now from the right side click on little arrow, Now click on RivaTunnerStaticServer. From general properties, the “Start with Windows” and “Show On-Screen Display” make it “ON”. from below right side you will see a screen type box, in this box you will see a digit. You can change its place by click on digit and drag to any place. Most suitable place is an upper center. You can set digit place by location arrows from below side of screen box.

msi afterburner fps counter

Almost all setting are applied, Now when you open your game, you will see Static Report on your game screen. Let’s enjoy it.

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