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Join PUBG Custom Room Whatsapp Group Via Links | 2K+ Groups List 2021

Join PUBG Custom Room Whatsapp Group Via Links, If you are looking to find a real entertainment place, Where you can enjoy your lot of fun on your most favorite messaging platform WhatsApp and Telegram. We will provide you best and hug collection for fun by engaging with WhatsApp Groups Link & Telegram Group Links.

WhatsApp and Telegram are most famous application which has a great feature which called Group. So WhatsApp Groups & Telegram Groups have more popularity because a lot of peoples get to join their best conversations and helped by discussing & sharing about the common topic of interest.

Ready To Join PUBG Custom Room Whatsapp Groups?

Today I am sharing the best and spam-free PUBG Pakistani/India WhatsApp and Telegram Groups link. I have created & managing these genuine groups which also controlled by my “LivePlayer” Squad members. Where you can learn the best and effective strategy of PUBG from experienced Pro Players through our invitation groups links. Every male and female PUBG player can join them. These are the most popular PUBG Pakistan/India WhatsApp Groups & Telegram Groups. These groups specially created for PUBG Pro / Noob Players who can join from all over the world and want to play PUBG custom rooms. Before joining the groups you should read all the terms & conditions. If you want to Play “Player Unknown Battle Ground” PUBG custom room with your friends then must share this post on Whatsapp / Imo etc.

Make Friends Who Love PUBG

I hope this will be a more easy way to make new relevant friends, such as all of you are PUBG Lovers. Since there is no restriction in Whatsapp/Telegram to join the number of groups for a person, So you can enter many groups at the same time. You can Join favorite groups from the given below list, as you find them relevant to your interest. The best part of this service is no need to have an account on “” or log in and pay to join any groups.

What Is PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Ground) Game?

If you searched Whatsapp or Telegram groups and arrived here. You’ve to see about PUBG word after reading this article and confuse about this word. I want to explain, to increase your Knowledge about PUBG word.

PUBG stand for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, it is an online mobile game which you can play on your Android and IOS devices. The game has become most popular among all teenagers, adult males, and females around the whole world. It has also become the top downloaded game from Playstore & App Store-Apple by hundreds of millions of people.

Famous Maps in Player Unknown Battle Ground

PUBG is a multiplayer game where peoples connected by their devices from any part of the earth by the game with audio like a phone call. In the game, 100 players dropped onto an island with most poplar maps such as Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, Sanhok & Karakin, and a player must be the last survivor on his chosen map. PUBG allow also Solo, Due & Squad mode game, which show the multiplayer gaming experience where a team of players can play together. Classic mode game has a total of 100 players when it begins and takes an average of 30 minutes to complete it. it has a lot of missions to be completed by the PUBG server which makes the game more interesting to play. This game also has many events/rules which make the more interesting effect on the gameplay.

Some Interesting Events/Rules in PUBG

  • Dynamic alloction of the PUBG maps.
  • Shrinkage the playable area after every few minutes towards a random location to increase the chance of kills.
  • Players need to find LOOT such as weapons from the buildings and other sites.
  • Need to find vehicles for long drive from one location to other of a map for loot or kills.
  • need for combat and situational awareness for quick adaptation to this state of the pubg game.

PUBG Comunity Waiting For You

So, above mentioned and many more events in the game make PUBG, an addictive and highly engaging game. So most PUBG lovers looking for a relevant player community. This is why most people have created Whatsapp/Telegram groups for PUBG fans. I hope you are too, a part of these groups. If you have a good game experience and known as Pro Player, then must share your own tips and tricks with other Players to make the PUBG community more perfect. If you are Noob Player then you can also become the best player by using tricks shared by other pro players in the groups which you have joined.

Spam Free WhatsApp / Telegram PUBG Groups Purpose

So we have done our lot of work to create our spam-free groups, also find other PUBG WHATSAPP/TELEGRAM groups with a lot of tips & tricks which you can join easily free of cost. You can show and share your game level experience with your followers at which you currently play. Even if you are new to the PUBG game then these groups provide you a chance to ask questions about the game from the best players who are available in the groups, they can help you by reply to you quickly.

How To Join PUBG WhatsApp / TeleGram Group?

I hope, you understand the game and purpose of Whatsapp/Telegram Groups service which we are providing to you. You can join any group by scroll down and click on the link. As you click on the group link, you will immediately join your favorite group to enjoy the content of the group from their responsible admins. You can also find the best group listed below who provide daily, weekly, and monthly PUBG tournaments where you can earn money, 30 to 600 UC (Unkown Cash), or Royal Passes. We have categorized all groups in the separate list given below.

So, Don’t control yourself to join, Let’s get started

Also, You will get the latest game updates, Play Paid/Free PUBG tournaments, and more. Here you will see two categorized lot of PUBG Whatsapp and Telegram groups which you can join on your desire for free.

PUBG Whatsapp & Telegram Groups Rules

If you want to join given blow PUBG Whatsapp/Telegram groups, it is more important to follow the group’s rules and be a good community member. All PUBG community members, who joined the Whatsapp/Telegram groups are humans and active members, who can chat about PUBG gameplay and tricks. You can also find the best players from groups, who ready to join your PUBG squad and play together. So the most important part of joining is to follow the group’s rules which given below.

Rules for Groups, Where Only Admins Can Send text:

  • PUBG Lovers People are Allowed.
  • Don’t change the group icon and group name without permission.
  • Rules and regulations are must follow by everybody.
  • Make good relation with each other, especially group admin.
  • Respect each other, give respect and take respect.
  • Be cool and be happy always.

Rules for Groups, Where all Members Can send text:

  • PUBG Lovers People are Allowed.
  • Rules and regulations are must follow by everybody.
  • Don’t share any fake news.
  • Try To Share PUBG Related Posts Like Tips & Tricks, News, Pictures & Videos.
  • No adult Content /Videos are going to be shared within the group.
  • No personal Content/YouTube videos are going to be shared within the group.
  • No Promotion (Groups links or any) or Adverting in these Groups.
  • Bad Words, Abusing, Fighting, Spamming & Religion posts not Allowed.
  • Be cool and be happy always.
  • Chat and message only on PUBG related topics.

Note: If, you face any issue with group members, then contact the group admin through the text message only (No audio and video calls).

How to Join PUBG Custom Room Whatsapp Group Via Links

  1. First Of all you must have Whatsapp & Telegram application in your mobile device.
  2. Now scroll down and you will see whatsapp & telegram groups links.
  3. Just click on your favorite group link then you will be redirect to a new window.
  4. Then, Click on Join Chat.
  5. You have done all steps to join PUBG Whatsapp / Telegram Group via invitation link.

100% Spam Free Whatsapp/Telegram Groups

Note: given below list of those Whatsapp/Telegram groups which 100% spam free and managed by “livePlayer”, “ProGamerPK” & “” team admins. So If you have any query about the Game/Tips/Groups then ask from group admins who are highlighted in the groups members list.
Admin Names: Ishaq Ahmed, Hamza Abbasi, Babar Abbasi, Amjid Abbasi





More PUBG Mobile & Lite Whatsapp Groups Links

Given below websites which are related to PUBG Whatsapp Group, are search and collected from the internet. So if you have any query about the given below links then contact their admins from their “Contact Us” page. I hope you will enjoy these links too.
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