Touch VPN is A fast & Unlimited VPN – What Could Be Wrong?

Touch VPN is a popular VPN available for free that supports Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Firefox, Edge and Chrome. The servers offer 27 locations, not bad for free, mostly in Europe and North America but with many other options: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico and more.

All apps can be used for free and without registration. The mobile version has ads, but the upgrade gets rid of them, and the Android app says you get ‘fast connection’, ‘high quality support’ and 5 device coverage. None of this is wrong, but it seems a little more expensive than 99.99 in a month, 6.67 in a year. Private Internet Access’s annual plan is half the price, Sarfshark’s two-year plan is less than a third

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Want to try Touch VPN?

We went hunting around the site for more sales points, but quickly gave up. This is a basic marketing page that VPN can do with some general explanation. And it’s a pity, because Touch VPN has a story to tell.

This is not a free VPN with another name where you have no clue who owns it and the only company contact is a Gmail address, for example. TouchVPN was bought in 2015 by Anchor Free, the company behind Hotspot Shield. As far as we can tell, it uses some of the same network. And although its apps are much more basic, because some of them use the Hotspot Shield’s super-fast Catapult Hydra protocol for integration.

If you’re looking for a shorter version, this is the Herbal Basic Shield, then. Trash in a number of ways, but when it’s free, and with some really functional below, the service should be worth a look.


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The TouchVPN website is so short in detail that we weren’t expecting much from the privacy policy, but we don’t need to worry. The company uses documents such as other VPNs in the group (Hotspot Shield, Baternet, Hextech, VPN360, and VPN Touch).

The policy states that it ‘does not in any way record your VPN browsing activity that may be connected to you.’ That is, ‘When you use a VPN connection, we do not store any information that identifies you browsing, viewing or accessing through this VPN connection.

The company explains that it ‘does not inspect or record the contents of what you are browsing, viewing or doing through them. When you connect, the system records your IP address, but at the end of the session, it is ignored, and deleted.

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VPN Touch also logs domains acquired by its users, but not just domains, full URLs, and anonymity of data to ensure that the company can access any user, time or session. Also cannot attach access to the domain.

TouchVPN says it can ‘identify and combine devices with other data we collect … such as measuring bandwidth usage, providing support, understanding that you Understand how to interact with VPN, and other analytics and marketing objectives As the company says it can also record details, including ‘your geographic location’, it can record when and where the device is connected to the service, the length of each session, the statistics. Transfer to, and much more.

However, it still cannot bind the device to any particular internet activity. And keep in mind that the free Touch VPN service does not require registration. Whatever the company knows about your devices, with any of your personal details, it cannot bind you to you.


Touch VPN offers a number of apps, each working in very different ways, so to better understand this service we’ve decided to explore the Chrome extension, as well as the Windows and Android apps. We installed ChromeBlood, tapped on the Touch VPN’s address bar icon, and a simple console appeared. It looks a lot like other VPN apps, with a location list, a connect button and a short menu.

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Chrome extensions have relatively few locations – Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, USA, UK. But there is more power than you expect. Tap Connect and a new screen will appear with the option to prevent ads, trackers, cookies, malware and web RTC leaks. Whenever you access specific sites, you may be able to tell TouchVPN to contact you automatically, while you will be able to access other websites through your regular contact. Can explain.

The Android app looks like this, but the free version offers more space (18), and comes with more features than some commercial apps. There is a choice of protocol, for example (OpenVPNTCP, UDP, or Hotspot Shield’s HydraVPN). An option to alert you if you access insecure Wi-Fi. Distribute tunnel support to automatically direct traffic to some apps through the tunnel, or make sure others use your standard connection. Oh, and of course, there are light and dark themes.

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The TouchVPN Windows Desktop app gives you access to all 27 locations, even in the free version, but it has no other features at all. No ads or malware blockers, no auto start options, no choice of protocol, no menu or setting box. The Windows app is also available in the Microsoft Store. Is it better No, that’s worse – he refused to communicate.

Switching back to the desktop app, we noticed that it doesn’t raise any warnings when connected or disconnected. When we closed the connection, it didn’t notice, or when we weren’t saved at all, it kept saying ‘Encryption is enabled’. However, contact times are fast. We found the app to block DNS leaks correctly, and although it has barely any features, at least it makes it easy to use.


Free, no registration and without any bandwidth limitations, Touch VPN looks like a natural choice for unlocking tasks, but how does it work? Not so good, we thought, when Touch VPN with BBC iPlayer failed. And Amazon Prime Video. And Disney + but it finally saved the situation by giving us access to American Netflix. Even paid VPNs can’t always do that.

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The average download speed on our test 75MBS connection at 60-62MBS was very acceptable. We may get an extra 6-6 Mbps from the best of the competition, but it’s still great performance for free service. What else could happen? We moved to a European location capable of 300-200 Mbps, and the speed increased slightly to 90-95 Mbps. We’ve seen it fast, but not from any free service, and overall Touch VPN has performed very well.

Final verdict

Touch VPN is a glitch in a service with a weak website and a large number of apps. But with decent speeds, Netflix doesn’t need to be blocked and registration, the free version may be able to find easy tasks.

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