Top 5 Single-player OFFLine Games for Android 2020 Under 100MB

No 1: Hill Climb Racing Game

Create one of the most addictive and entertaining physics-driven driving game ever made. And it’s free. Meet young racing racer, Newton Bull. He is about to travel on a journey that has never taken a ride. With little regard for the laws of physics, Newton Bull will not rest until he conquers the highest mountains on the moon. Climb the challenge of the unique environment by climbing a hill with lots of different cars. Get bonuses with exciting tricks and collect coins to upgrade your car and reach even greater distances. Look through – Bill’s sharp neck is not what it used to be in childhood. And its good potatoes’ gasoline cemetery will easily end up with fuel.

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No 2: Johnny Trigger Game

Johnny Trigger – Horizontal Scrolling is a dynamic action game on Android, where you can easily eliminate a huge Mafia universe. Right now you can start to take on the main character of the game, and fight the extremely dangerous mafia, doing just that in uncharted places, which works in this area. Easily use your weapons and make many unpredictable rebellions and tactics, which will kill all the enemies who decide to stand in your way. Try to get into the game as much as possible while setting your own unique record. In this game, you can really get an unlimited number of bullets that you will need to use only wisely.

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No 3: Slap Kings Game

Leap Kings – Flick Goal creators’ exciting and exciting project! And this time, gamers will be able to compete in sports events. However, a very unusual welcome! Slap Championship Players will select and customize their character, present its features, think in advance of which direction it will develop, and then plan and advance on the uncertain path to the championship title. They have to be fast and accurate in order to accumulate a lot of energy for the most effective multiplication, and also at the appropriate time. Otherwise, immediately the opposite. Will take advantage of the error.

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No 4: Stupid Zombies 2 Game

Stupid Zombie 2 – Great fun for android – you need to destroy the zombie one-shot preferably. How to do it? Think carefully. Zombies hide behind various covered air, and bullets feature ricochetting … that’s the solution. Instruct the shot so that the bullet report is all-knowing. The level of the game is 300, and with each level the number and quality of zombies are complex. In addition, you will see zombies and walk, and will not be killed for the first time, and in addition, and sometimes there will be triple shot and other interesting gadgets in your arsenal. Collect stars to open new levels of bonuses. Have fun on the glory! Good luck in shooting!

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No 5: Can Knockdown Game

Challenge your goals, improve your accuracy, and take your puzzle-solving skills to the next level in this crazy, addictive game. This episode has taken the critically acclaimed Can Knockdown series to a whole new level – the physical Carnival gameplay you know and love. Is.

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