Top 5 OFFLINE RPG Games For Android

Top 5 OFFLINE RPG Games For Android

No 1: The Swords of Ditto Game

Ditto’s Swords is a lightweight action RPG that creates a unique adventure for every new legend hero in the relentless war against the evil Mormo. On your quest to conquer the evil that plagues the island, discover a beautiful yet deadly overworld, brave terrifying dungeons and boost your hero in a charming village. Unleash Ditto’s magical Sword for an exciting adventure packed with charming characters, epic theft and heroic battles! Unique Adventures Connected Together: Every adventure becomes a legend of its own, both distinct from those that came before it and part of a heroic tradition that unites. The deeds, achievements, and defeats of the adventure of and hero have consequences for the ones that follow, including the opportunity to find weapons and retrieve loot from the fallen heroes of history. Guns, Objects & Stickers: Wield the conventional combination of sword and bow alongside the less conventional Frisbee vinyl set, magic golf club, and colossal heaven foot to place Mormo and her legions back on their heels. Collect and fit stickers to improve your hero and add advantages to your equipment to become strong enough to ban the evil wizard. Key Quests and Hidden Side Missions: Achieve your legend as you see fit by battling in any order through dungeons, completing side missions through dark caverns and deep wells, or confronting Mormo to the ultimate challenge right from the start.

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Top 5 OFFLINE RPG Games For Android

No 2: Battle Chasers: Nightwar Game

Battle Chasers, influenced by the classic console greats: Nightwar is a wild adventure featuring deep dungeon diving, turn-based combat presented in a traditional JRPG style, and a rich story guided by world discovery. Support young Gully locate her missing father Aramus–a famous hero who went to the dangerous grounds and vanished mysteriously. Gully receives assistance from 5 unexpected heroes, each with their own unique abilities, benefits, items, and dungeon. Together with her quest the group must help Gully figure out what threats lurk in the wilds.

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Top 5 OFFLINE RPG Games For Android

No 3: AnimA ARPG Game

The RPG you’ve always been waiting for ended up on Android devices! Anima is an action RPG (hack’n slash) videogame inspired by the biggest old school games and made for RPG lovers with passion and released in 2019. Anima is extremely competitive compared to other mobile ARPG, and gives the player the chance to completely customize their character depending on their play style, retaining the fun look of the old classics. Battle evil forces everywhere you can, and conquer the offline single player campaign with potentially infinite game problems. This incredible adventure will accompany you through fast-paced action, impressive special effect and dark fantasy atmosphere. Go down and explore the abyss, Kills Demons, Beast, Dark Knights and other evil creatures that inhabit more than 40 levels and then test your abilities with engaging boss combat! Experience numerous dark scenarios, discover hidden secrets and explore new areas!

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Top 5 OFFLINE RPG Games For Android

No 4: Nimian Legends : Vandgels Game

Nimian Legends sequel: BrightRidge. Rush through glistening waterfalls and rivers, overgrown trees, sky-high mountains and ancient dungeons, swim and pass through. The shape transforms into strong dragons, soaring owls, fast-footed reindeers and more. Extensive options allow you to personalize just about everything at any time. Changing time of day, turning on watercolor mode and witnessing a living drawing, incorporating effects and filters and more. You can turn the detail up for an even more stunning and immersive experience on newer apps. Here’s all. Rainstorms, thunder and lightning, gentle breezes and wild winds, and calm snowfalls. Or using the weather-change options on the fly.

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Top 5 OFFLINE RPG Games For Android


Pascal’s Wager is a role-playing action game of dark fantasy theme. The game offers top-notch visual quality to its players and a feast for the senses the mobile platform has never had before. In game, dark mist envelops the world, where light is dim and mysterious. People get lunatic there and nobody knows the secrets behind that. Players will play several roles to witness the powerful plot and expose different secret areas of the world. We will be battling incredible enemies along the way, facing enormous bosses and accepting utter death and reality. All the while, a beautiful score orchestrated by a world class orchestra will engross them.

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