Top 5 OFFLINE Platformer Games for Android

No 1: PAC-MAN 256 Game

Pac-Man 256: Endless maze — lead the amusing hero in a labyrinth of illusions and rewards. Help the hero to escape hazards. This Android game is a new version of a popular game on the Pac-Man adventures. Aid the hero in the twisting corridor of the labyrinths eat as many pallets as possible. On and on, lead the hero. Look around carefully and don’t let the hero capture the vivid fantasies. To help the hero fight enemies, using bonuses such as bombs or lasers.

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No 2: Rumble Squad Game

Rumble Squad— big retro platformer with Android action elements. For a long time this game will be a marvelous entertainment! This platformer will particularly appeal to the fans of Italian Mario’s greatest game! You can download and enjoy the fun gameplay and beautiful Old School graphics for free on android Rumble Squad-pixel. 4 excentric characters and elaborate configuration schemes will be at your fingertips. Together with a variety of weapons, the game’s high dynamics can offer you unforgettable emotions from the game. Collect coins and Upgrades, kill your enemies and save the King’s weapons and strengthen them. Multiple levels, management, competitive gaming, and daily donations are easy to learn to lift your mood!

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No 3: My Diggy Dog 2 Game

My Diggy Dog 2— an awesome Smartphone adventure arcade game in which you can join the dog Marty in his exciting adventures. It makes you relax and allows you to dive into the world of exciting voyages, take a break from the everyday routine and experience something entirely new. A courageous people, Clara and Christopher, will meet. One day, they found a pretty nice little puppy during their next journey. She sheltered the little puppy in her family and named it Marty. From now on, the little dog was her enjoyable and important partner in exciting adventures!

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No 4: Guntoss Game

Guntoss: Cyborg Weapon— a 2D action vehicle for the upcoming events. Suddenly, on the world stage, Professor Kraze Himms has his own battle robots. He is starting a world domination war and he’s good at it more than good. The earth is almost fully controlled early. Only a limited number of groups continue to fight the dictator. Gamers are going to bring one of the 5 warriors who will bring an unlikely Attack to the heart of the enemy to kill the villain’s main computer for his legions.

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No 5: Odd Eye Game

Odd Eye Premium— an online arcade of adventure for a girl with colored eyes. The main character is an amazing person, and she not only sees the world very differently, but is also totally alone. If she wants to find another guy, she starts a dangerous trip to discover a mystery that has been forgotten for a long time. You have to go along a hard path along it, it can be beautiful and fantastic or it looks like something horrible and scary. Because the girl sees the world differently, you should turn between her eyes ‘ strength to see the changes. In this way, rational problems are addressed, the world constantly evolving is tracked and tough assessments to progress are carried out. Try collecting at least five keys, opening locked rooms and gathering stars. Odd Eye, a Smartphone game that incorporates mini-games, adventure history and logic activities, has at least 30 levels with unique designs and divided into episodes, two modes of character-control, realistic mechanics, music and 3D animation.

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