Top 5 OFFLINE Best Story Based Games for Android 2020! | High Graphics |

No 1: Brothers A Tale of Two Sons Game

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons-an adventure quest in which the player searches for the Tree of Life and controls two brothers. It can cure any man according to legend so the heroes are hoping to find him and heal his sick father. On the way to the goal the characters will come across a variety of puzzles that can only be solved together. The game features a catchy soul theme, beautiful locations, great atmosphere, simple control system and state-of – the-art graphics, pleasing to the eye.

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No 2: The Wolf Among Us Game

The Wolf Between Us – The Studio Telltale Games immersive grim title. The action takes place in a particular world where the people and the characters of the fairy tales live. The detective Bigby wolf from the fairy tale “Red riding hood,” the narrator of the novel, is He investigates a horrific murder and will meet several familiar fairy tale characters in the course of unraveling this mystery event. Some of them have valuable information that people need help with. Anyway, all actions will result in consequences resulting in one of several endings. The presence of various outcomes offers replay value, which will allow you to re-pass pleasure.

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FINAL FANTASY XV POCKET EDITION-a new Android RPG game, known by many because of the project’s console versions. The company SQUARE ENIX has been developing a mobile version. As one would expect, in many respects this version has been quite stripped-down compared to its predecessors. The good thing is the app got a full story unfolding around the King’s Favorites, who must save the Star. All of this in the context of the national wars and the attempted truce. It was also very decent regarding the graphics. You can change the graphics level in the settings which is divided into 4 classes. You can change resolution there, and FPS there. With the power that the developers didn’t lose, put all the most used things in the right places. It is quite comfortable to play on even a 4-inch screen. In summary, it should be remembered that 15 “the fantasy” for mobile devices are titles of pretty high quality, which are not ashamed of showing mates.

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No 4: Syberia Game

Syberia is an epic quest that once became a hit on a personal computer, it finally got to devices running on android. Your protagonist is a young lawyer girl named Keith Walker who visits the city of Valadilen, who is in mountainous France to sell the old toy factory. She learns the factory owner is dead. The only heir is the master’s nephew, who vanished like a child without trace. Your heroine must investigate the unexplained disappearance.

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No 5: Green Glass Game

Green Glass is an introspective, unhurried and magnificent adventure that allows you to travel on foot, horseback and by boat through a magical world. You will be able to fight against certain enemies during your journey but the battle element is certainly not the most important part of this excellent interactive experience.

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