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Cartoon Hot Racer 3D is a racing game in which you have to climb into a car with giant wheels to do various races. The wonderfully illustrated 3D aesthetic helps ensure that you get to the finish line in every stage with a great time. Before you dive into the race the first step is to get your first car. Cartoon Hot Racer 3D gives you the coins, so you can buy your first racer when you start. Plus you will have an extensive workshop where you will be able to change parts and customize every vehicle. Nevertheless, you’ll need to win matches and earn bonuses for doing so. Start each race and you will find a simple control system: simply tap the throttle and brake pedals and arrow buttons to go left or right. On the other hand, you don’t have to be scared to drive into someone and even though you wreck, your racing car won’t get hurted. Cartoon Hot Racer 3D is a pretty interesting title for throwing yourself into lots of street races with the goal of completing every circuit – while never losing sight of the fact that your main mission is to come out and smash your opponents around every curve.

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Stay ready to crack bones or have your bones broken by the world’s ruthless warriors. Battle your way, and beat every player one after the other in this tournament. The latest fighting game 2020 is linked to epic wrestling matches which will decide the true champion inside the insane wrestler championship battle. The game also features the angry woman warrior. Conduct great triple hits. Experience the lifelike kungfu best ever warrior for ultimate commando war by the only proclamed kung fu warrior with intense and spectacular combat battles against the dark kungfu fighter while playing the best video games in unarmed fighting skills and pro kungfu fighter experts. Use accuracy and pace in your acts to take timely decision, assault enemy with punches, bat and kicks on proper time and block enemy attack. Speed is the key to winning the fights hand to hand. Go toe-toe among bone crushing warriors from Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, China, Singapore, and the United States. In this kung fu game, you can apply different moves, karate, kicks, punches and multiple combos. Each character possesses his own powers, combos and styles of combat. There will be many boxers, legends, and warriors taking part in this upcoming 2020 Fighting Game. If you’re a real warrior, there’s another warrior you can fight. The challenge for you in this new and greatest fighting game 2020, to beat other kungfu warriors.

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We present another new action game called “FPS Task Force: Shooting Games 2020.” We are adding so much action and new world, so get ready for this new 2020 army game and enjoy this whole shooting game from beginning to end. Unlike other recent shooting games & terrorist games, you will be doing the best shooting games experience. You are playing great 3D FPS game there. In the task force of FPS: Shooting Games 2020 you are playing the part of a superb new commando of the army. You are a part of a well-trained elite military force. It’s time to pick up your guns and become the bravest fighter in this new game of action. You’ll face different challenges for the climate. But nothing can stop you from destroying the enemy’s confidence. There are several types of modes in this new shooter title. A new experience with the 3d FPS Shooter. Join the resistance, and order this new gun games like a trained sniper. Take action and frontline live. Shoot to kill special ops and live in this 2020 game of sniper 3d combat. Become the best sniper in this latest video game, aiming at enemies of other assassins with nonstop action. Don’t stop firing the sniper weapons and assault weapons in offline missions. The Perfect Game Play will come as a surprise to you.

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Adalet Namluda 2-first / third person shooter continuity. The sequel received improved graphics, new weapons, ammunition and camouflage, a set of missions and all the rest that will please those who enjoy tactical firefights. At the same time, players will not only be able to control the main character but will also be able to work with their comrades in the fight. A very useful property given map scale and opponent count. Gamers must take part in a military operation to protect the state’s borders and show strength and dedication in fulfilling the tasks set by the command.

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Area F2 is an action game for the first person freely based on the revolutionary — and equally awesome — ‘Rainbow Six Siege.’ Once again, after parapeting into a compromised location, an anti-terrorist commando faces the task of finding and neutralizing the threats. Growing team consists entirely of fellow soldiers who are managed by real-life human players. Area F2 controllers follow suit to the trend in this genre with a crosspad on the left of your screen and action buttons on the right. Use these controls to dive, crawl, mount surveillance drones, set bombs off remotely and more. Plus, with a few simple taps on the settings menu, you can completely configure your controls. If you’ve ever played ‘Rainbow Six Siege’ it’s a breeze to set up for Area F2. Anti-terrorist officers inspect the area with drones in the first few seconds of play as terrorists lurk setting up traps to foil their enemies. And there the anti-terrorist squadron is set on the road to achieve its mission of deactivating the terrorist compound — by any appropriate means. Area F2 represents a fine alternative for Android to ‘Rainbow Six Siege.’ Not a far cry from the original Ubisoft. Plus it has incredible graphics, tons of unlockable skins and controls specially designed for playing on a handheld touchscreen.

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