Top 5 New Games Android 2020 HD Good Graphics

Top 5 New Games Android 2020 HD Good Graphics

No 1: Tomb Hunter Game

Tomb Hunter is a first-person action game where you play an adventurer who has to go into the depths of different graves in search of riches of all kinds. The Issue? You will need to be able to tackle all sorts of monsters and hostile creatures along the way. The controls are well suited for touchscreens in Tomb Hunter. You can move any character with your left thumb and you can fire the weapon you have at that time with the right. When you have an enemy in your line of fire, your character will shoot automatically. In addition, you can find different weapons and pets to use with the buttons located in the lower part of the screen. The adventure starts at the main base, where you can talk with three characters: the seller of weapons, the seller of armor and the tamer of pets. You can buy and sell guns, pets, and armour, with these three characters. That said, first you have to level up in order to use some of the best weapons. Tomb Hunter is an extremely exciting shooter for the first person offering a lot of environments, enemies, and weapons. You can also adopt different types of pets such as wolves and snakes to help you fend off all the threats you find.

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Top 5 New Games Android 2020 HD Good Graphics

No 2: Sins Of Miami Gangster Game

Welcome to the Sins of Miami Gangsters where the whole city of Miami is ruled by just the mafia criminal underworld leader! Get your vengeance to escape from real-world hectic routine. Welcome to the open world of crime town Sin of Miami Gangsters! Take vengeance as a true gang ster don, as your innocent family members were killed. Become an actual gangster of crime in this open game of the world. Display your intelligence on real crime robbery mission and face all the organized crime gangster difficulties. Steal off innocent people from the vehicle. Drive car in Sins of Miami City Crime World for the Grand Mafia gang project. Shoot to become the godfather of organized crime. Follow the map and discover the streets of the Mafia Crime Zone. Be the Miami city’s biggest gangster, and become the gang criminal underworld member. Only follow the map; demonstrate your smartness to be good in Sins of Miami Gangster’s robbery mafia gangster quest. Continue your thrilling acts to achieve gangster gangster mafia task. Be mindful of Miami City policeman and mafia gangster resident. Ignore the incidents that will happen when you’re being hunted by actual violent city policeman. So it is time they paid for what they did wrong in Miami Gangster’s Sins.

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Top 5 New Games Android 2020 HD Good Graphics

No 3: Bike Rider Stunts Game

Play Mad Bike Rider Stunt with wild, stunt action! Bury the competition as you pedal through a series of dangerous tracks in a game of bike stunting while enjoying practical road mechanics and fast-paced action in bike racing. Best chance to be master of tricks by adding stunts in 3d game racing. Place the helmet, start your motorcycle and be a part of the adventure of this bike race game. Prepare to enjoy fast moto racing. Your target in the game, complete several levels successfully, consisting of difficult and dangerous tracks and jumps. Realistic and eye-catching graphics to give you the best experience in bike game.

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Top 5 New Games Android 2020 HD Good Graphics

No 4: Endless Nightmare Game

Added to open beta! Be the first player to play! Check the tricks, suspense begins! You are James, a police officer who was brutally murdered at home with your wife and daughter. Something frightening happened in the house during your search of the facts. What happens next will be an endless nightmare for you in this fearsome home… Endless Nightmare is a free, realistic graphics, frightening sounds and jumpscare 3D horror ghost game combined with puzzling storyline that will take you into a eerie, thrilling universe! In the scary building, you will find lots of things and clues, which help you figure out the truth of the situation. You should always keep your eyes open for the ghost during the discovery process, run straight away if you see her, hide in the wardrobe or under the bed are safe ways to get rid of her. Of course, you have the opportunity to fight back, gather and mount parts of the weapons, shoot her to win precious time for yourself! But don’t be taken lightly, she’s about to recover! Granny Amiee is very sad of their deaths, help her granny! Please gather clues in the house of horrors to find the truth and escape from here!

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Top 5 New Games Android 2020 HD Good Graphics

No 5: Phantoms: Tang Dynasty Game

Phantoms: The Tang Dynasty is an open MMORPG universe where you can move into a realm of fantasy influenced by Chinese mythology and communicate with hundreds of spirits, both good and evil. While some spirits are going to help you, others are going to try to ruin your adventure. You must create an avatar with the game’s powerful character development tool before you start playing. Choose from hundreds to thousands of choices to create personalized hairstyle features and facials. Remember, Phantoms: Tang Dynasty has a lot of dialogue, so you’re going to spend a lot of time looking at your character, so take a few minutes to make them look amazing. Phantoms: There are very basic controls at the Tang Dynasty. Tap on a mission and your character will automatically start moving although you can manually control it with the joystick on the left side of the screen. Using the buttons on the right hand side of the screen to strike and use different features during fights. Training to master your skills and ability to turn is necessary to defeat the tougher enemies.Phantoms: The Tang Dynasty is an excellent MMORPG with a vast, beautiful world to explore which is full of things to do. Check it out and dance with spirits, fish, enjoy hot springs, go hunting for gold, or even create your own.

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