Top 5 Best Unreal Engine Android Games in 2020!

No 1: Dragon Raja Game

Dragon Raja— New Generation MMORPG for Ios. In this game, you’ll find an incredible open world with lots of details, thought out to the smallest detail like changing daytime and weather conditions, as well as a number of recreated attractions from around the world. Picturesque locations are fully integrated into the game story, from Tokyo to Siberia. And thanks to the impressive graphics, you’ll feel like you’re playing on a monitor rather than on a mobile device. Depending on your choice, further development and appearance of new tasks will. You will change the world at large. In Dragon Raja, aside from the appearance, you can create your own unique character by choosing a character and reaction to various events. Realistic battles and gameplay of dragon Raja include intense battles of PvP. Players can test their skills in duels, hundreds of other players on the battlefield, or fight for honor and glory in the battles of the Guild. The game also has a series of fights with in-game bosses, as well as puzzles, operating on which each part of the world is unique.

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No 2: Reign of Amira™ Game

Amira pursues her adventure as she protects a temple with her bow and arrow against an attacking horde of enemies. The wave after wave action game constantly ratchets up the level of difficulty as it adds multiple enemies and boss characters. The continuous fighting mechanic allows smooth gaming on a handheld touchscreen. Collect the coins while defeating your enemies and using them to buy upgraded weapons.

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No 3: Traha Game

Traha — this is an extremely beautiful role-playing game where you go on a journey through the fantastic virtual world populated by mystical creatures. Day and night change, breathtaking landscapes, high-end visual effects-with these obvious advantages, any player would be easily tempted by this application. Fight ghastly monsters in vast places and get valuable prizes. Suck your character into this wonderful world and discover new opportunities.

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No 4: Blade II Game

Blade II: The Return of Evil –this game will plunge players into a world full of secrets and mysteries, as well as an atmosphere that is very dim. The first part of this game has received very large ratings and is highly popular, the difference is that not only will the second part be more sophisticated and better gameplay and fantastic graphics for which Unreal Engine 4 will satisfy. Multiplayer game so you have to connect with other players and interact with them or trigger them to clash in the arena.

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No 5: Bright Memory Mobile Game

Bright Memory Mobile is the coolest first-person action game (which places enormous demands on the gadget’s hardware of course). Beautiful graphics, a compelling story with adventures and fights, skills development and many other features that, with the aid of the main character, simply give great impressions of time. Her name is Shelia, and works for the organization of scientific research. She’ll have to face a group’s activity and her ruthless boss who’s the first to want to get unique artifacts that will make him incredibly potent.

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