Top 5 Best Open World Games for Android 2020!

No 1: Cat Quest Game

Cat Quest – a game of roles with Android, where you are going to manage a cat who goes into the world of dragons and magic to look for his sister. Discover the wide world, go down into the dark dungeons and encounter powerful enemies, many treasures and different items. Perform different tasks and tasks and battle with an immense dragon that is not so easy to win. Offer the hero new capabilities and skills to pump through the game. You will be pleased by additional tasks, thrilling history and decent graphics. About 60 quests, adventures and 60 dungeons and caves are waiting for you.

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No 2: Grand Mountain Adventure Game

Grand Mountain Adventure-a world wide open-air sports game to experience skiing and the snow covered mountains. You start playing, and you are at the foot of the mountain. To turn in the right direction, click the left or right of the screen to prevent obstacle clashes. It’s time to climb the uplift and start exploring the mountain in full after mastering the basic principles of gaming. The region will include small towns, mountains, roads covered by snow, animals, other skiers and other things. You can open the next mountain if you cope with part of the test, however it will take more than an hour to collect enough tickets. Attempt to set a new world record in skiing having qualified properly. Grand Mountain Adventure is a thrilling mobile game with free movement around the big world, high-quality visual and physical effects, constantly changing weather and time of day, as well as a fairly simple control system.

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No 3: Second Galaxy Game

Second Galaxy-a hybrid for Android devices of simulator and role-playing game. The game takes place in an alternate world where people have created a strong and stable civilization, and an amazing advance in science and technology. People can colonize planets in this reality, and build incredibly powerful, large-scale spacecraft. The game world is vast and complex, containing about 5000 galaxies, each of which has its own space station, black holes, planets, stars, asteroids, dark matter and other natural and artificial space bodies.

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No 4: Widower’s Sky Game

Follow a father and son on their journey to find their home after they lose their beloved mother and wife alone in a mysterious country. They’re going to endure a challenging journey with tall buildings and beautiful views using the ancient portals on which they happened. Equipped with only his bow and destructive dash attack, while keeping the son fed and rested, the father must fight against the wildlife and the machines. Widower’s Sky is a game about family, survival and adventure. Like chapters in a book, when listening to the past, you play through the future until the two narratives intersect, and the story reaches its climax.

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No 5: L.O.S.T Game

It’s a fun and well-designed game. The question is that the creators of the Warmice Studio didn’t waste on original ideas. They didn’t even bother with the name of the game to make a little effort. This action and survival title is influenced by the famous Series Lost and the zombies of The Last of Us photos, which places you on an island packed with risks.

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