Top 5 Best OFFLINE High Graphics Games For Android 2020!

Top 5 Best OFFLINE High Graphics Games For Android 2020!

No 1: Rest in Pieces Game

Please save all the poor souls caught in the dreams of porcelain dream demons. Wake up little Georgina from her evil clown dream, spinning her worst anxieties. Help the drunken pirate Jack Parrot defeat the horrible Kraken Sea monster. Stop Count Dracula’s father Lugosi from bloodthirsty fangs. Rest in Pieces has many saving lives, and a few terrifying dreams to wake up from. The target is to swing fragile figurines of porcelain through horrid nightmares without breaking into anything. Learning is quick, but only the most skilled players will be able to save all of them!

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Top 5 Best OFFLINE High Graphics Games For Android 2020!

No 2: Trucks Gone Wild Game

TRUCKS GONE WILD-Premium off-road mudding and bogging destination for super monster trucks! Trucks Gone Wild sets a new standard in mud and offroad graphics and brings an authentic action-packed mudfest to the palm of your hand. This game is a muddling and bogging party inside your pocket! Compete with your custom-built mega monster trucks in the world-class superbog competitions at the best mud parks worldwide. Mud so true you’re going to feel dirty! Trucks Gone Wild redefines mudding and bogging on a mobile device, for those who like it muddy and realistic water for those lying to themselves we have actual mud. And damage and physics to trucks in real time for those who like to punish their rides. Customize your rig with a wide range of paints, decals, rims, tires, engine blocks, blowers, exhausts, radiators, intercoolers, turbos, superchargers, frames, engines, axles, and suspensions, just as you’d be helping your truck send it against the competition in real life. There are also upgrades to the garage to help you repair your mega truck and house more mud trucks.

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Top 5 Best OFFLINE High Graphics Games For Android 2020!

No 3: Unknown Fate Game

You wake up, alone, in an entirely unknown world. You don’t have any memories of your life, you don’t know how to reach this world and the only thing you can do is go on trying to find the truth. Unknown Fate is a first-person single-player puzzle-adventure with a mystery plot, puzzles to solve and enemies to overcome Ride in fantastic worlds solving the puzzles around you and collecting Richard’s lost memories to uncover the truth about Richard’s journey.

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Top 5 Best OFFLINE High Graphics Games For Android 2020!

No 4: Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders Game

THIS IS WWII AIR COMBAT GAME AULTIMATE! You’ll be involved in explosive dogfights, defending towns and ships, attacking enemy bases and even flying through tunnels. All is set up in accurately recreated real-life locations such as Pearl Harbor, Dover Beach, Midway, Germany and France. Get off and land on strips and carriers for landing. With realistic weather, precise atmospheric scattering with aerial perspective and highly detailed planes with immersive cockpits, you’ll ride in fully recreated cities. Travel highly detailed planes of WWII top aces. Watch the progressive damage that affects planes and are finally shredded into pieces.

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Top 5 Best OFFLINE High Graphics Games For Android 2020!

No 5: Escape from Chernobyl Game

Escape from Chernobyl is not a typical mobile game which is simple. It’s challenging and understanding and surmounting takes time and tactics. Gambling with headphones is also best experienced in this game. In this continuation of the Radiation City adventure, plunge into the darkness and hazards of the Chernobyl power plant! Unravel the mystery left unresolved: find at its root what happened to Lauren, and the nightmare story. From the destroyed Unit 4 reactor, explore the correctly recreated Chernobyl power plant complex to the outskirts of the site at its natural size. Experience the entire area from open world discovery to the maze-like corridors of each building and the nuclear reactor buildings in a seamless experience. Scavenge them for weapons and gear to give you the edge you need to conquer this gigantic obstacle. Anomaly and zombie radiation are just a part of the dangers trying to kill you at every corner.

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