Top 5 Best OFFLine Games for Android 2020!

No 1: Taxi Sim 2020 Game

Taxi Sim 2020— a taxi driver simulator which in the course of his career is destined to change several cities worldwide. They will begin with the usual yellow cars, and end with luxury cars and VIP customers. It’s worth noting the good graphics, a lot of templates, spacious maps, live cities with their traffic and pedestrians, the change of day and night, weather and other factors that will build working conditions. Well, it will require constant adaptation of different types of passengers to their tastes and ideas about safe driving. You can have polihachit somewhere, and you have to humbly adhere to absolutely all the rules somewhere.

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No 2: Ice Scream Episode 2 Game

Ice Scream Episode 2-a continuation of the horror film about an evil seller of ice creams. This time again the player must save the hero’s wife, whom the villain abducted and froze. The protagonist initially sees a friendly ice cream man in the street. That is not that simple though, because he absorbs them into his van when approaching kids. To track a stolen user along with the character will move through locations, solve puzzles and learn the details of how this uncanny ability is presented to the ice cream man.

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No 3: Cyberpunk 2069 Game

2069 Cyberpunk-it’s 2069. Place city-dystopia-city-actions 17. The world is ruled by megacorporations. You are a hired mercenary. You have received a contract from an unknown customer. Your task is to clear HexCorp Corporation Army to City 17 which controls the entire city. Fight down the city’s 17 dark yet vibrant and spectacular streets and alleys. Search for plenty of weapons and secret kits on your way to first aid. Complete all levels and beat army HexCorp. The game’s cyberpunk theme and music will immerse you in your beautiful world.

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No 4: To Ashes Game

To Ashes-a fascinating and unique project of adventure in which the players become a firewoven child. She will explore the gloomy mansion of her parents, gather echoes of past events, destroy everything she hates and seek clues to emerge from this knowledge that has become a trap for her. Gamers must ensure, among other things, that they are safe from all kinds of threats, and will try to find out why the main character is burning and extremely angry with their relatives. Beautiful graphics, hands-on controls, different functions and other features would appeal to original entertainment lovers.

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No 5: Zombie City Survival Game

Zombie City Survival is a cool third-person action game in which, under the pressure of a zombie epidemic, players step onto the fallen street. Staying in it means finding a guaranteed death, which means that as soon as possible you should leave the borders. And that’s not just about providing everything you need to operate, but also finding travel companions to help you overcome any difficulties in the difficult road ahead. The protagonist’s agenda involves exploring the region, gathering resources, saving the vulnerable, looking for weapons and vehicles, building bases and much more. Okay, good graphics add the right amount of excitement to the whole process.

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