Top 5 Best Offline Games for Android 2020! [Good Graphics]

No 1: Hamsterdam Game

Hamsterdam— an exciting Android game, where you will save your city from robbers, helping the Hamster-Fu. In formerly peaceful and quiet Amsterdam, a group of nasty chinchilla Marlo, who sow chaos and destruction, is in danger of being swept over. Managing hamster and helping him with a variety of techniques and assaults against many different enemies. Combine the rhythm and become one with the legendary hamster-fu. Battle enemies and plan for powerful bosses.

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No 2: John Hayashi Game

John Hayashi: the Legendary Hunter Zombie–action-arcade game. The world’s most successful John warrior, trained in the East and the West. He is skilled in both samurai and pistol katana-these abilities can aid you when protecting himself from the countless zombie demons that come upon him. The Wild West gunman is going to be a samurai, the Japanese warrior is becoming an American shooter, two civilizations must merge in order to stop an endless stream of demonic beings.

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No 3: Aussie4x4 Game

Aussie4x4— not only off-road vehicles in the open world, but also the fight against dangerous animals. Get behind an SUV and undertake an unforgettable journey in the ponds, desert sands, crossings and other wonderful places. Nevertheless, you won’t only drive a car, but you’ll still fire at plagues, fight with crocodiles, capture insects, ride a double motorcycle and many more. In-game money to be credited to the Bank for the acquisition of new vehicles or equipment modifications. Experience realistic physics on the lane, simple operation and high quality 3D graphics. In action.

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No 4: Extreme Balancer 3 Game

Extreme Balancer 3-a fascinating Android arcade game, where you control the ball’s movement along dangerous paths. In this game you are going to move the ball across the wooden bridge to the boat and avoid all the traps. All levels in this game are filled with water and your objective is to achieve the goal of avoiding all obstacles on the lane. Work the ball on the slopes and balance of the phone to move as far as possible.

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No 5: Takashi Ninja Warrior Game

Takashi–Ninja Warrior–immerse yourself in this amazing action in the Ancient Japan world with a third-person view of Android items, catching your attention from the beginning and never letting go until the very end! Join the time of Ancient Japan on an incredible journey, battle armies of enemy Ninjas to get back the beautiful sky in the country of Tochi. In this game, you have to play for the brave Japanese Takashi Ninja, who must fight for their sins with the bloody gangs of the Tochi nation.

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