Top 5 Best Offline Android Games

No 1: Don Zombie Game

Don Zombie: A Last Stand Against The Horde -An exciting and adorable side-scrolling action game in which players start exterminating all zombies systematically on their way. They have to meet bosses beyond the normal deaths. Extremely dangerous and disgusting creatures need not only powerful stomach but also good firepower. You should be carefully checking the area for guns and ammunition when walking. Check for various tools that can boost the process dramatically. Great graphics, intense gameplay and much more would please someone who is fond of killing mutants.

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No 2: Taxi Run Game

In Taxi Run – Crazy Driver your job is to take your passenger from A to B. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Simple simplicity. If only obstacles were not present all over the spot. With speeding trains, semi trucks loaded down with ice cream, annoyingly long limousines, large trucks and cars of all sizes you have to share the road and avoid railway crossings. Dodge cars, dodge between trains and navigate your way out of sticky situations of any sort. From tiny trucks to racing cars, pick your car and drive through all kinds of maps!

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No 3: Man or Vampire Game

Man or demon-fly through the realm of sorcery, populated by monsters and spirits. Fight the evil forces, and save the earth from destruction. In this Android game, go seeking adventures. Show off your combat skills in the fights against different enemies. Create your main character, learn new skills and select the style of play that suits. Gather a group of different characters with special skills. Throughout the fights, apply skills of different characters, make combos and develop successful tactics.

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No 4: Cookies Must Die Game

Cookies Must Die— You have to deal with evil mutant liver in the role of super secret agent Jack. An accident occurs at the plant which produces cookies, thereby creating angry monsters which sow confusion and panic in the community. So our hero gains special training in our government laboratory, so that he can stop the villains by battling other cookies and their bosses. Defeat jelly, candys, donuts and other candy, which is the secret to the exit to the next level and you must mercilessly kill at the spot. The main character is odd, Jack always goes forward instead, and when you hold your finger time slows down, so that you can travel to anywhere by jumping. Therefore, countless enemies can be vanquished, dexterously avoiding their attacks because character’s life is not limitless. Finding chests and gathering coins can boost the hero’s parameters. Cookies Must Die is an awesome battle-scape hardcore platformer, simple controls for Android touch screens, cute graphical photos, hero-leveling, demanding boss-fights and many other features.

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No 5: Psebay Game

Psebay: Gravity Moto Trials is a fairly atmospheric, graphic content with outstanding rates. The game definitely needs to taste for fans to run on rough terrain motorcycles. You won’t see the motorcycle itself, but its dark outline to remind you of what you are doing. Equally, rates are not very normal, grass and paths can appear in one country from beneath the feet. Remember about this really doesn’t really important. You just have your car to play and handle. Management is quick and clear, it doesn’t make you conditioned, so that everyone can find a common language.

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