Top 5 Best New Android Games of March 2020

Top 5 Best New Android Games of March 2020

No 1: Bricks Breaker Challenge Game

Bricks Breaker Challenge is an iPhone free game app that lets you try and break as many bricks as you can and play to the highest level. The object of the game is to bounce off your paddle from the little ball and smash the bricks above as they reach it, finish all the bricks to get to the next point. It may sound as simple as that but the obstacles get harder as you progress through the stages. There are also loads of power-ups along the way, which should help you finish the stage, check them out. In addition, the game offers you multiplayer mode, lots of stages, three more enjoyable game modes you can play with, and leaderboards.

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Top 5 Best New Android Games of March 2020

No 2: Slap Kings Game

Slap Kings is a game where you compete in a slapping match from around the world. The game consists simply of taking turns hitting one another until one of the two players is knocked out. The harder you hit, the greater the chance of winning. Gameplay in Slap Kings is very simple: all you have to do during your turn is tap the screen at the right time to inflict the maximum possible amount of damage. On the other side, all you can do when your adversary turns is wait for the blow. If you survive it is your turn, and so on. You receive a certain amount of coins each time you win a battle at Slap Kings. You will boost two key attributes with the coins you earn: your fitness, and your power. Try to balance these two stats so you can outlast powerful enemies by knocking them out earlier than later. Slap Kings is a fun arcade game where you’re flying around the world, slapping enemies of all kinds along the way. The game also has fun graphics and a wide array of different characters.

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Top 5 Best New Android Games of March 2020

No 3: PC Football Legends Game

PC Soccer Legends is a dynamic soccer arcade game that is played in medium-sized fields without faults or gameplay. It is really in the line of the old football games of the 90s. The most important feature of the game is humor and fun. You will have a great time while playing! Soccer is based on fun and teamwork. It doesn’t matter if you are on the pitch or play with the game console sitting on the couch with your friends. PC Fútbol Legends bravely recalls the glory days of arcade soccer games, bringing back memories of cult classics we all know With its approach to classic gameplay thanks to its vintage but not very serious touch and its artistic and creative touch, PC Soccer Legends is a perfect game for people who are bored of football managers or hardcore simulators. You just have to take your command, get comfortable and play.

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Top 5 Best New Android Games of March 2020

No 4: Modern War Choppers Game

Modern War Choppers: Wargame Shooter PVP Warfare – Colorful action on Android, where you will control a military aircraft and fly to several destinations. Choose a military airplane or helicopter and perform several combat missions. Feel like a pilot jumping into the cockpit of a helicopter that needs to enter enemy territory and destroy the enemy’s military base. Play with players around the world or fight for survival mode. Receive rewards for new successfully completed missions and discover new aircraft. Improve your helicopter or airplane by buying new guns, missiles, and practicing it all.

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Top 5 Best New Android Games of March 2020

No 5: Era Combat Game

It is your time to join the fight and compete shoulder to shoulder with the best players from around the globe. Brace to the teeth and let the game immerse you in the crazy world of first person shooters focused on a team. Choose from lots of exclusive sci-fi weapons, abilities, implants, and jetpacks that we have packed. Choose your favorite type of PvP mission and make every effort to conquer. ERA Combat is perfectly designed in small teams for fans of fast-paced 3D shooters where the cost of any error is mortally high. Survive until the end-become the winner with all of the trophies! The location that you mop up is difficult. It’s full of rises, downs, spikes, falls and unexpected turns. The best way to win, though, is to throw on a jetpack and ride at a breakneck pace against time. With our sophisticated auto-aiming program, you’ll quickly rush and simultaneously fire your way through enemies. We’ll add new content regularly to keep you in fighting shape. Accumulate experience, develop your soldiers and gain access to even more things, skills, and events full of adrenaline. ERA Combat is the place where close-knit shooter teams spend their days and nights in intense FPS brawls.

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