Top 5 Best FREE Games for Android of February 2020

No 1: Final Elimination Game

Final elimination— a royal fight with a top view, with 15 players remaining and winning just one. The player can decide every place on the map where he will be in before the match. Then all as normal, with you just a baseball bat and a minimal collection of objects, you need to quickly find weapons, bandages and other stuff that will help you when you face opponents. Go to the houses and other buildings, collect only the necessary items and remain in the security zone, which decreases after a certain time period. The player in this battle who has managed to stay the last survivor becomes the winner. Final Elimination provides complex, tactical gameplay ability, the capacity to build your own fighting equipment, a variety of arms and guns, as well as a combination of things that produce a unique character design.

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No 2: Ghost Racing Game

Ghost Racing: Formula E is the first competition game in the world championship, and against the real drivers on the FIA track, when you can drive a two-seater of this type. You can experience true graphics and compete with players from around the world.

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No 3: Armored Warfare Game

Armored Warfare: Assault–covering wars with tanks and fantastic graphics for Unreal Engine 4. Manage great steel machines in team fights between 3 and 8 players to deal with enemies. Pick up your tank and destroy enemy equipment with accurate shooting and additional rewards, such as homing machine missiles or huge shelling, won’t give the enemy a chance. Upgrade more than 50 types of equipment, ranging from light scouts to heavy-armored tanks, and all fighting vehicles can be upgraded to not only increase functionality, but also upgrade active and passive abilities. The game Blind Warfare: unrivaled 3D graphics, well-designed physical model, 4 blinding vehicle classes and touch screen-adjusted management.

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No 4: Last Pirate Game

In recent times, games on the subject of survival in different conditions are increasingly being played on mobile platforms, and here is another take on the topic. And, according to the writers ‘ theory, the whole team clung to the mysterious island populated by all sorts of monsters and you must now try to survive as long as possible and to destroy as many creatures as possible. It’s a pirate who’s destroyed a ship and made a mess of it.

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No 5: Feist Game

Feist–an atmospheric platform to help the poor guy get away, and you have to play the role of a bit of a funny hero who was in a mysterious world. In this scenario, you must travel through dozens of different stages, each in its own style and with unique characters. Feist is a typical platformer with puzzle elements in other ways.

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