Top 5 Best Android Games 2020


Real Gangster Wars–a 3rd person shooting service, in which players have prepared good graphics and open-air stories from the role of the unknown bandit to one of the most powerful bodies in the world. Participants provide a broad range of possible acts, separate strategies and proposals for large groups and a complete lack of timeframes. Tasks on story may be interspersed with additional missions or simply relaxed walks on a large map of various objects, inhabitants and events.

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No 2: Rally Fury Game

Rally Fury-Extreme Racing–the visuals, it’s just the top level, are the first thing you’ll enjoy this title. So not only can you upgrade your vehicle, you can also purchase new steeper. Management is easy to handle, but it takes a while to push and fall unexpectedly. By the way, money is charged both for performing tasks and for the tricks you perform.

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No 3: War Tortoise 2 Game

War Tortoise 2 — Follow or just watch the next development stage of Foursaken Media fun and original action. Prettier graphics and new gameplay features will delight everyone happy to take control of the monstrous blind reptile and fight harmful adversaries of the right size. Elements for tower defense, searches for huge sites, fire fighting with enemies, skill pumping, collecting interest, armor enhancement and firepower of a mobile platform, and many more, waiting in surprising and very interesting world for lords from war giants.

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Tens of years after the Battle of the Divine Land, you, the young man of mysterious blood, took part in the war against the invasion of the falling gods because of the king’s call. The north frontline was a bloody massacre all day long, and the crimson blood was eaten in the broken soil. The world is empty when fear comes. You end up tired under the gap between man and divine forces. As the blood ran out, the true story had just begun.

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No 5: Horrorfield Game

A famous cooperative choir with a PC is a mobile version of horrorfield. Play you will be given the chance in two positions, from the psychopath, to search out and to kill all the victims, although in that case, you will play alone on your side and be shocked and solid, but playing for the victims will have to take advantage of the group’s opportunities and try to play well through tactical moments. There are seven different maniac types and seven different victims in the game. Each class has its own abilities. Excellent graphics transmits the entire atmosphere of the game perfectly.

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