Top 5 Best Android Games 2020 | Ultra Graphics Games |

Top 5 Best Android Games 2020 | Ultra Graphics Games |

No 1: Ultimate Football Club Game

Ultimate Football Club is a new generation 3D mobile football game with Juventus, Bayern and other well-known football clubs approving and supporting the FIFPro. The game is made with the most powerful 3D engine, offering an uncommon experience of playing football! Combine custom skills of players with method of formation, technique to achieve the ultimate club of football! You can select a number of formations at any time, and turn on – the-fly tactics. You can select a number of formations at any time, and turn on – the-fly tactics. Choose the strategies that match specific opponents best. Hundreds of lineup choices, thousands of tactical variations, on – the-spot strategies switching at any moment, versatile team lineup forming, free switching between offense and defense, selecting the most appropriate strategies for various opponents, and being the gold coach. The game offers a full PVP feature, allowing you to chat with friends anytime, anywhere, or challenge other players freely. Prove yourself in the football unions and leagues, challenge the rivals in other regions on your club’s behalf and become a real master of football.

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Top 5 Best Android Games 2020 | Ultra Graphics Games |

No 2: Buck The Game

The Buck Ketnet sequence runs on Earth. The viewers see that our digital hero attempts to return Buck to his planet Malmek in vain. Meanwhile time is passing and Buck is having the most wild experiences with Elias and his family. In Buck The Game, which is available as a tablet and smartphone app for free, you’ll find out what’s going on at Malmek meanwhile. You join the renowned Orion Academy as a player, and help your friends Jim and drone C2PE unravel the planet’s secrets. When you navigate the different 3D environments with your own character, the main objective of beating General Lankey and his Carperians is to solve difficult puzzles. When you excel, then you are the Orion Academy’s next leader. This innovative game, closely related to the Ketnet show, is playable in augmented reality as well. You conjure up the worlds of your own universe with the printable’ marker,’ and make your exploration even more interesting.

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Top 5 Best Android Games 2020 | Ultra Graphics Games |

No 3: Dark Raider Game

Dark Raider blends hack & slash elements with roguelike features. Ultimately, there’s the former’s chaotic play, and the latter’s struggle and storyline. Gameplay is very intuitive on Dark Raider. There is a virtual D-pad for moving on the left side of the screen and on the right there are four simple action buttons for punching, jumping, dodging and blocking. Those buttons can also be combined for different actions. For example, you can parry and counterattack, if you block at the right moment. On the other hand, if you double tap the jump button, you can do a fast attack in the air. In Dark Raider, dungeons are created randomly, just as in roguelikes. So every time your character dies, you start with a whole new dungeon. The only thing that remains the same is the bosses, who present a real challenge in true Dark Souls fashion. Dark Raider is an outstanding role-playing action game. It not only has enjoyable gameplay but also amazing pixelated graphics. It is an excellent game that takes much ability and patience.

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Top 5 Best Android Games 2020 | Ultra Graphics Games |

No 4: Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs Game

Join Red, Chuck, Bomb and Blues to rescue Angry Birds AR’s stolen eggs: Isle of Pigs, A Mobile Augmented Reality (AR) Adventure! Discover the remote island where the greedy green pigs holiday in over 70 fun-filled (with more to come) stages. You can see the extremely realistic characters overlaid onto your actual world along with the entire game, bringing Angry Birds to life like never before. Making your way through the forest, desert and frosty hideout of the island to party area, smashing their systems in the most impressive way to win full stars and recover the stolen eggs. Taking the slingshot into your own hands and shoot off your favorite Angry Birds at objects that appear to be in your actual surroundings, whether it’s your house, your workplace or at the park outside. Through AR, you can physically walk around overlaid structures on items in your own world to locate weak links, recognize various angles for the best accuracy, as well as reveal secret surprises to take on the green pigs, gain more points and unlock more content. You can also make the game big or small to suit your room and tailor your experience to your needs. Start today’s Adventure!

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Top 5 Best Android Games 2020 | Ultra Graphics Games |

No 5: Blank City Game

Blank City is a third-person action game which puts you in the shoes of the so-called’ Vanishment’ in their efforts to prevent the entry of demons from the afterlife into the real world. We’re talking about a game framed by amazing 3D anime-like aesthetics which sometimes makes you wonder if it’s a video game or an animated series. Depending on the protagonist you select, following the hack’and slash controls, you can use melee or long range weapons that allow you to perform combos, special abilities, and dodge attacks with a special action. Normally the missions last no more than five minutes and most of them challenge you to get rid of all the enemies that dare cross your path. The action takes place in free movement environments, but certain missions allow you to control the character as if you were playing a 2D game, at least as far as the movements are concerned. Blank City is an impressive action game that stands out due to its graphics and models of cell shading that look almost like they belong to an anime. When you want to unlock more characters, level up your skills and unlock advanced challenges, the advancement system allows you to devote a decent deal of time.

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