Top 5 Best Action Games for Android


Metal Revolution is an exciting fighting game coming from NEXT Studios on many different platforms. Players will have a very interesting experience battling Robot Cyberpunk’s unique shape. Metal Revolution is a new generation of fighting games and a modern one. It provides competitive gameplay, minimalist controls, beautiful visuals and many advanced features. The game will be available on multiple platforms with a variety of languages, allowing players around the world to enjoy Robots-era fighting. We’ll introduce you to all the information about the game in this article. Hopefully, Metal Revolution will bring the best moments of gaming to the players.

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CALL OF GUNS: Mobile multiplayer survival duty FPS — first or third-person online shooter with a nice low-poly graphics design, as well as very strong gameplay space filling that makes the process fun and entertaining. Players are given two modes-survival in the tradition of the classic “deathmatch” and participation in the form of “battle Royale,” as well as the opportunity to put at the position of an army of bots with zombie skins and test their survival skills. There will be no gamer indifferent from a variety of maps and weapons, convenient controls and effects, as well as other qualities.

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No 3: Furious Hobbis & Shawn Racing Game

Furious Hobbis and Shawn have a single player campaign and online racing score based modes that follow Hobbis ‘ story. It’s time for Race, after being double-crossed and forced into exile. Shawn has to restore the Furious and Fast Team team, win a difficult race and bring down The House, Jump and move quickly to win, and the cartel that has a hold on the casinos, Takedown criminals and cops in the area. No need for speed limits.

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No 4: Cover Fire Game

The game is free to use, you don’t need to play the internet, it has optional in-app purchases and as it’s very violent, you shouldn’t allow young kids to play this game. When playing Cover Fire Shooting Games Sniper FPS, you are given the option of playing the game in an online tournament mode, playing in a multiplayer game with others, or offline playing through the campaign missions. You can buy new weapons like handguns, sniper rifles, army rifles and shotguns which look almost real thanks to the HD graphics of the app. You gain rewards such as characters, ammo, and player perks as you complete each mission. If you really like the game, then you can pay for upgrades, guns, and other items with real money.

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No 5: Iron Blade Game

Forge your epic destiny in Iron Blade— the most exciting of all action RPG games— set in a war, discord and magic-filled medieval Europe. Explore a world of fantasy games brought to life with graphics of console quality and an innovative— yet easy to learn— combat system that is never idle and always throws you into one heart-stricken fight after another. Build awesome weapons for your monster hunter, discover spectacular real-world locations and strongholds in the dungeon to test your skills against millions of other players as you create your own kingdom and participate in thrilling PvP challenges.

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