Top 5 Best Action Games For Android 2020

Top 5 Best Action Games For Android 2020


“Blade of God” is a 3D single-action action game jointly developed by the Pango Civil Game and the Galaxy Network. The multi-lens mechanism is used to provide players with immersive performance and emotional experiences. QTE, a flash, grab, ride, transform, ghost call, and light and heavy combo are important battlefields, with a full range of combat experience. The game creates a unique system of worldviews based on the Nordic mythology. Thousands of years after the battle of the gods begins the story, you will play the mysterious blood of Cao, together with your guardian Hemmed from the appearance of the warriors against the invasion of the gods, will experience the difference between man and God. The war against heaven, and the love and hatred of the gods with Easter, the priest of the stars, to save the family’s crimes and punishments by suckling lives.
Survival and destruction, love and treachery, murder and redemption. Everything is waiting for your choice.

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Top 5 Best Action Games For Android 2020

No 2: Battle Prime Game

While Battle Prime is a third-person shooter that challenges you to control primes, Virtual Soldiers is especially designed to meet each other in an exciting online couple. Each minister has his or her own special skills, so you must learn to master them fully. Ballet Prime’s default control system is the norm for this genre. Move your character using your left thumb and target with your right. In addition, buttons to use a puffle, reload weapons or activate your special skills are located on the right side of the screen. In any case, you can customize the controls to adjust your needs using the Options menu. The battles last for about five to five minutes. In each game, two teams of up to six players will face each other in a larger setting, with the goal of eliminating as many enemies as possible. Each time you eliminate an enemy, you earn points. The first team to win 100 points won. Bit Prime is an excellent multiplayer shooter with the most powerful visuals of Android and a customizable control system suitable for touch screens. The game also has several ‘primes’ and various weapons that you can unlock and modify at your own pace.

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Top 5 Best Action Games For Android 2020

No 3: Bitter End Game

Bitter End is a first-person shooter that challenges you to take part in a five-minute exciting round where two teams face each other to get the maximum score. Of course the best way to earn points is to eliminate all your enemies. The Bitter End control scheme is what you would expect to find in any game of this genre: you will use your left thumb to shift your character and target with your right thumb. To change controls to your tastes, use the Options menu. You can choose between automatic or manual shot, and adjust button position to reload, hop or use telescopic view. At the beginning of the game, you can choose from over a dozen different skins which you can change at any time. But you can unlock different outfits and accessories for your character while you continue to play. Similarly, you’re going to start with two guns, but as you start winning games and leveling up you can unlock several more. Bitter End is an excellent multiplayer FPS offering you a straightforward and frenzied experience with quick five-minute rounds. There is also a main hub which allows you to move freely and communicate with other players. It should also be noted that the game has visuals which are completely outstanding.

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Top 5 Best Action Games For Android 2020

No 4: Green Glass Game

Green Glass is a 3D adventure where a warrior who has to follow a woman on a long journey is in charge. You will come across loads of challenges along the way, including strong enemies that will seek to end your journey in an untimely manner. The Green Glass controls are intuitive and well suited to touchscreens. To push your character you only need to slide your left thumb across the screen and use your right thumb to press the contextual action buttons that appear on the screen. Depending on the situation those buttons will change. The buttons will in some cases require you to ride a horse, while at other times you can use them to attack or even make tea. In Green Glass the direction you take is long and varied. In the beginning, you will start with your horse in a beautiful meadow, but as you grow, you will be able to cross rivers, travel through forests, cross deserts, and more. The settings in the game are all special and breathtaking, making the game reminiscent of the amazing film, Journey.
Green Glass is an introspective, unhurried and beautiful journey that allows you to ride on foot, horseback and by boat across a magical world. You will be able to fight against certain enemies during your journey but the battle element is definitely not the most important part of this excellent interactive experience.

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Top 5 Best Action Games For Android 2020

No 5: Dead by Daylight Game

Dead by Daylight is one of the most popular multiplayer horror games being adapted to Android. Much like the iterations of the PC and laptop console, four survivors are out to stop an intruder who has supernatural abilities. Your enemy will do all he can to get rid of you. As you can imagine, the survivors and the assassin are player controlled. Dead by Daylight controls are truly well suited to the touchscreens. The virtual stick for movement is on the left side of the screen, and the action buttons are on the right. There are various controls available, depending on whether you’re in charge of a survivor or the killer. The assassin, for example, has many supernatural powers that allow him to detect the survivors easily Much like the other interpretations of Dead by Morning, you’ll get your pick of multiple survivors and assassins. But not all of that, you can outfit your character with a bunch of different decorative elements that will help you customize the look of your character. Those assassins ‘ skins certainly stand out as they’re inspired by some of the most famous characters in horror movies. Dead by Daylight is a major adaptation of one of the world’s most successful asymmetric horror games. However, thanks to the amazing Identity V, that offers a very similar experience, it has steep competition in Android. The game does have amazing graphics anyway.

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