No 1: Crashbots Game

Crashbots-power a robot that runs quickly along the hazards-laden floors. Let the robot leap and fire, kill and reward enemies. In this Android game take part in field testing of new robots models. Your job is to carry each level’s robot to its end. The robot immediately moves forward. You can push the robot to different sides and make him roll, leap and fire. Gather energy batteries for your robot to charge. To unblock new robots, find secret spare parts.

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No 2: Extreme Balancer 3 Game

Extreme Balancer 3–a fun handheld arcade game in which you monitor the ball movement along dangerous pathways. You’re going to push the ball over the wobbly wooden bridge in this game trying to get to the boat bypassing all the traps along the way. All levels are loaded with water in this game and your job is to achieve the target of bypassing all obstacles on the way and without falling into the water. Using phone slopes and balance to work the ball so as to fly as far as possible.

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No 3: Relic Adventure Game

Cut Rope Rope Game-a fun and addictive puzzle game that uses the rules of physics and, above all, items tied to surfaces with ropes. The actor explores the graves, rich not only in treasures and amazing discoveries, but also dangerous in form of wild animals, traps and rebels who are not content with the arrival of violators. The actor explores the tombs. The situation must therefore be evaluated and cables cut in the right sequence. We changed the position of the objects and so on, changed the alignment of forces on the location and opened the corridor for the further movement of our character.

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No 4: Metal Revolution Game

In the future, Metal Revolution Mobile will be held. The airscape aims to emphasize new technology, humanity and lift the tension between technology and people and thus bring a uniqueness to the earth. Each character in the Metal Revolution game has unique powers with advanced graphics. In impressive ways, they can beat enemies. In particular, the game has a fantastic defensive mechanism that lets you turn the battle around.

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No 5: Rebel Racing Game

Rebel Racing-a high quality ride with advanced physics that allows the user to enjoy the thrilling races on different routes. The atmosphere of realistic pottery races can be felt in this project. Excellent physical model gives you enjoyable driving, because every turn and difference would have an effect on the vehicle. There are also drift elements that allow you to move through the hardest sections of the road. Don’t forget the developers and the cars that are very famous.

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