Top 5 Android Games Like GTA 5 | Download Link |

No 1: Payback 2 Game

Payback 2: Battle sandbox-take part in street fights, fight mafia, race on various cars and much more. This Android game allows you to participate in different activities within the game. You can complete one-player missions, or fight against other players. Use a variety of gun arms to rocket launchers and compete in street fights. Drive different cars, and compete in races. Command tanks and even helicopters, sowing the enemies with confusion, death and destruction.

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No 2: Gunshot City Game

Gunshot City-GTA-style, three-dimensional action game with great freedom of action. The user will be in a large metropolis, where you can engage in legal work or criminal activity. In the first scenario, the player will get the chance to do a firefighter’s work, a taxi driver, an ambulance driver and other useful things. Payment for such activities will not be as large, so you can do the mafia’s tasks, or even put your own gang together and take control of the city in their hands. In any case the gameplay will give the user pleasure.

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No 3: Gangstar New Orleans Game

Gangstar: New Orleans-to conquer New Orlean’s criminal world. Total activities of mafia bosses, battling police and rivals, visiting a big city. In this Android game make your way to the top of the criminal world. Seek out your luck on New Orlean road. Steal costly cars, and commit fraud. Participate in shootouts between rival officers and gangs. Boost credibility in completing difficult missions. Every gangster needs great weapons and other objects to buy. Become a big city’s King of the streets.

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No 4: Los Angeles Crimes Game

Los Angeles Crimes-a mobile platform very ambitious project. His developers are working on moving to Android-a the popular game (or at least making an impressive clone). The process and the progress of the plan will all be monitored from the very beginning. The description is detailed and cautious and should give this attempt an opportunity to at least see what is happening in the end.

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No 5: Gangstar Vegas Game

The Fresh Part of the popular toy in which we have to transform the whole Vegas! Gangstar Vegas Mafia game The toy has received a beautiful complot, 80 mental tasks, many different characteristics, each having its own character and stories. The Gangstar Vegas gaming world was ten times higher than in the last half of the game. The game is designed on the HAVOK physics engine to enable you to make a stunt. Take place in some of the most fun training events: races, battles, challenges without a rule, etc. Break the bank and enjoy the casino! In this toy, we are quite bad and we can’t do without weapons like the Molotov cocktail, flamethrowers and even electric guitars!

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