No 1: Call of Duty®: Mobile Apk

Controls in Call of Duty®: Mobile Apk are perfectly tailored to the touchscreen devices. Use your left thumb to guide the movements of your character and your right thumb. When you double-click on the screen’s right side, you will use the distance scope. Then, as with many other Android games, automatically shoots your gun. Call of Duty®: Mobile Apk features two main game modes: zombies and multiplayer. Both are popular franchise modes and challenge you to face and partner hand in hand with other online players to kill the undead. Nuketown, Hijacked, or Killhouse are just some of the most common maps in which we can play.

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No 2: Garena Free Fire Apk

Free Fire is the ultimate game on the mobile survival shooter. -game of 10 minutes puts you on a remote island where you’re pitting against 49 other players, all looking for survival. Using their parachute, players freely select their starting point and try to stay as long as possible in the safe zone. Drive vehicles to explore the vast globe, hide in trenches, or by pronouncing under grass become invisible. Ambush, snipe, live, the only objective is to survive and respond to the duty call.

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Survival rules is a third-person shooter clearly inspired by the great PLAYERUNKNOWN ‘S BATTLEGROUND (PUBG), where up to 120 players are trapped on a huge island full of weapons and vehicles. As the only winner, the last man standing is crowned. The Survival Rules control system is typical of the genre: you can shift the character on the left side of the screen with a directional pad while using the right side buttons to aim, duck or leap. By pressing the button that appears as you reach them, you can communicate with weapons, containers, cars, or gates. Finally, in the upper right corner, there is a map to guide yourself on the island.

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No 4: Survival Squad Apk

Survival Squad has a standard control system for its kind: a digital directional pad on the left side of the screen to guide your character, and buttons on the right to shoot, dive, get down, leap, and target with the sight of your gun. Interact with items, such as weapons or containers, by clicking on the menu which appears when you enter them. In a flight, all the players started the match. When you’re ready, jump out and start running and gathering weapons as soon as you hit the ground-if you want to live. But the other players aren’t the only thing you need to think about, there’s also a dark, deadly force field that slowly shrinks, and if it gets to you, it will kill you.

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BattleGround Royale is a third-person action game that borrows from PLAYERUNKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS its main concept and adapts it to mobile devices. Your target is to be the last one in this brutal war, battling in a massive setting full of weapons against other games. Yet note that the environment must shrink slowly until all the remaining players are in the middle of the map after 5 minutes. You play as a player in a third-person perspective in BattleGround Royale, rotating the crosshairs on the screen’s left side and the camera command on the right side. You also have buttons for tracking, jumping, and reloading on the right side of the screen. It is important to remember that this game does not have a firing key. All you have to do in the viewfinder is frame your target, and it will fire automatically.

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