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PUBG emulator matching problem is the most common problem which is faced by every emulator player. We irritate when it takes more than 3 to 5 minutes to start the game. If you are searching on google to fix PUBG matching issue, then you have arrived at the right post. We will guide you to fix easily the PUBG emulator matching problem just in few steps. Just you need to have a good internet connection and device. Don’t miss to read the all key feature of this post. otherwise, you will not be able to fix your issue until you leave your favorite game.

PUBG Emulator Matching Problem – Why It Happened?

There are many reasons that why PUBG emulator matching problem happened. Maybe due to Corona, the PUBG developer’s team is unavailable to fix these issues. The second reason is the team updating the game for the next season so this issue happened. But, you can fix it easily by following our tips. These tips will work on KR & Global version of PUBG game on all devices such as Android, iPhone & PC emulators. So, I am explaining the main reasons below which make your PUBG game stuck.

1: Say Good-Bye to Emulator. (Neglect Point)

Skip this point if you don’t leave the emulator or don’t have an Android/IOS device. When you play PUBG Mobile game on emulators you can face this issue all time. Because Emulator players are less than Android or IOS players. So, When you play PUBG Mobile game by Emulator, then PUBG algorithm finds the Emulator players to add them in your lobby to start a game. But due to the low community of emulator players, Lobby can’t complete with 100 players, then you will face PUBG emulator matching problem. So, you need to say goodbye to the emulator and use/buy an android/iPhone device. If you just want to play on Emulators then go to the next tip.

2: Change Setting FPP to TPP. (Neglect Point)

Most of the PUBG players play in TPP (Third Person Preview) mode, which is the default setting when you install PUBG Mobile game. But, due to some reasons, we select the FPP (First Person Preview) mode which has a small player community. In FPP mode will take more time during matchmaking. So select the TPP mode to fix the matchmaking issue. Don’t worry this point is also neglect if you want to play in FPP mode.

3: Select the Best Time To Play

If your server is Asia and language select as “Hindi” then Try to play day time such as morning to evening till 10:00 pm according to Asian timing. Because Asian players come to play during the daytime. So, your matchmaking time will not take more than 1 minute. If 80%+ peoples come to join and algorithm add 10% to 20% bots, So, your lobby will be filled in a very short time with 100 players (Real + Bots) which added by PUBG algorithm.

4: Un-select Erangle Event Mode Game.

When you want to play PUBG Erangle mode game then must un-select/unchecked the Erangle event mode game. Because most players don’t like the event mode game so they un-checked it. If you have selected it, then PUBG algorithm will find those players who have selected the event mode Erangale map which will take more time.

5: Disable Match by Language.

If you have enabled the “Match by Language” and Select 1st language “Hindi” and Select 2nd Language “Empty” then try to play the daytime. Because mostly Pakistani/Indian Play PUBG day time. Morning to Evening time till 10:00 pm game will not take more time during matchmaking. Otherwise, you will face matchmaking issues.

If you select 2nd Language “English” or “Al-Arabia” then your matchmaker will start more quickly. Because these languages have a big PUBG player community and PUBG algorithm adds two languages peoples in your lobby. The algorithm will try to add Hindi peoples first, If the game needs more people to add then the algorithm adds English people in the lobby to complete with 100 players. Some Bots also will be added to your Lobby. So it will start quickly.

If still problems exist then just go to Matchmake option and disable it. After that, PUBG algorithm adds any language players in your lobby, So the game will start more quickly. just follow these steps to disable Match by Language

  1. Click on Select Mode.
  2. Click on Server name such as “Europe”.
  3. In Match by Language Click on Button Left “Off Side”.

6: Solo, Duo, Or Squad Which Is Best For Fast Matching?

As my experience, I have tested solo, duo, and squad modes. I find that squad mode is best for fast matching. So I suggest you play in Squad mode. You can also test all modes to find your best fast matching mode.

7: Best Server for Fast Matching.

As my experience & knowledge. Some servers have a very small community such as KRJP, so you always face PUBG Matching Problem when you play.

  1. Europe Server has a very big community, 40%+ players play in this server. When your server is Europe then your matching will start very fast.
  2. Asia Server has 30%+ community, This sever will take average time to start your matching.
  3. Middle East server has 20%+ community to play in this server.
  4. KRJP server has just 10%+ comunity. This server will give you just a matching problem.

8: Don’t close Matching.

When you click the start button, the Matching timer will start. Don’t close it before the timer reaches 1 to 2 minutes. Sometimes, when we see the timer go to 30 seconds above we close it to start again. If you follow this step your matching will start under 2 minutes 100%. If you see the timer go to above 2 minutes then you can close the matching timer and start again till timer reaches 2 minutes.

9: Join Brothers In Arms.

If you press the “START” button and face PUBG matching problem then must try to play once Brothers In Arms. It will start your game quickly without any matchmaking delay. Just click on the “Brothers In Arms” icon to start your game. Sometimes when you click on “Brothers In Arms”, you will see a message “The systems is not available yet”. Then go to the next step.

10: Join or Create Team Lobby.

I have tested Team Lobby features when I was facing PUBG Matching Problem. It’s really working, the game was started quickly. You can join other player’s Lobby or you can create your own Team Lobby. You can test it yourself. If you find this trick working then must comment below.

How to join other players Team Lobby?

  1. Click On White “Flag”.
  2. There will be show many teams lobby of other players.
  3. Simple click on right sided “Flag+” icon to join any Team Lobby.

How to create your own Team Lobby for fast Matching?

  1. Click On White “Flag”.
  2. There will be show many teams lobby of other players.
  3. Go down and click on “Recruit” yellow color button.
  4. Mode: Select your favorite mode. Such as Classic-Ranked etc.
  5. Map: Select your favorite map which you want to play. Such as Classic, Livik etc.
  6. Prespective: Keep TPP, Choose any mode from Due or Squad.
  7. Lowest Tier: Select Bronze.
  8. Server: keep your default server. Language: Dont select it.
  9. K/D Ratio: No Limit.
  10. Microphone: Dont select it.
  11. Now Click “Recurite” button.
  12. Friends Suggestion: click to invite suggested friends.
  13. When due or squad members completed than you will see a “Lobby” button above right corner, press it.
  14. Now Click “Start” button to start your game.

I have explained to fix PUBG emulator matching problem in this article with 10 awesome and working tips. If you have any other tip with your working experience then must comment below to help other players. thanks

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