Gameloop Lag Fix And Increase Performance In 2022 | Download Gameloop 7.1 |

Gameloop lag fix is the most popular search query on Youtube. Players face lag issues in their emulators during gameplay. So, I have tried to cover this query in my article to give the best solution. If you have a low-end PC with too many lagging issues then you have to do something to fix it. I also try many tricks to fix it and find a magic trick that 100% works on all kinds of low-end PC. You will see the best result in lagging issues and increased performance. You need to have the best emulator version that makes your gameplay more smooth and lag-free.

Gameloop 7.1 version is essential to fix your game loop lagging issue. You don’t need to follow any typical steps to solve your problem. Just you need to install the game loop 7.1 version to your low-end PC. This version is fully supported with all low and high-end gaming PCs. Simply install your favorite game such as PUBG (Player Unkown Battle Ground) or COD (Call of Duty). You will see a better result in your gameplay. This emulator is more popular in the YouTuber community who stream their gameplay on youtube. Almost all Youtuber play their game in game loop 7.1 for better performance.

Gameloop Lag Fix: First Trick

  1. Scroll down and find the “download gameloop 7.1” text. Click on it to download.
  2. Install gameloop 7.1 to your PC.
  3. Install your favorite game such as PUBG.
  4. Your Gameloop lag fix have been done.

Note: If the problem solved then skip all next steps and tricks, otherwise convert Gameloop 7.1 new version to Old Version. Just follow.

Step 1: Install “Processor Hacker 2” tool.

  • Install Processor Hacker tool. Scroll down to find its Download link.
  • Double click on “Procssor Hacker 2” from desktop.
  • Search “tencent” in searchbar without inverted commas.
  • Select “all files” and right click on it.
  • Click “Terminate” to remove files from list.
  • Close “Processor Hacker 2” software.

Step 2: Replace Gameloop 7.1 Version Files with Old Files.

  1. Download “Gameloop 7.1 Old Files”. Scroll down to find its Download link.
  2. Right click on Downloaded zip file and click on “Extract Here”.
  3. Select all files and copy them.
  4. Right click on “GameLoop” icon from desktop.
  5. Click on “Open file location” and delete all files from here.
  6. Now paste all copied files here.
  7. Open emulator test your favorite game.

Gameloop lag Fix: Second Trick

If you still facing gameloop lagging after installtion of gameloop 7.1 version, then just you need to follow some simple steps given below.

Step 1: Gameloop Software Campatiblity Setting.

  1. Right click on Gameloop icon from desktop. Click “Open File Location”
  2. Now right click on “AppMarket.exe” and then click “Properties”
  3. Now click on “Comptablity” tab.
  4. Tick at “Run this program in comptability mode for”
  5. Select your accurat windows such as Windows 7 or Windows 8.
  6. Click on “Ok” button.

Step 1: Gameloop Software Mode Setting.


  1. Open Gameloop software and now click on “☰” from right side upper corner.
  2. Click on “Setting”.
  3. Tick on “OpenGL+” mode.
  4. In “Anti aliasir” select “Off” mode.
  5. Click on “Save”.

Just follow all the above instructions to fix your game loop lagging problem, you will be 100% successful. If you, still have a lagging issue problem then comment below about your game loop lagging condition. I will try to reveal more secret tricks to fix the lagging issue.

Gameloop Lag Fix 1.0 Tools

Gameloop 7.1 (New) Download
Process Hacker Download
Gameloop 7.1 (Old Version Files Only) Download
Winrar (Extractor) Download

Gameloop Lag Fix 2.0 Tools

Gameloop Low, Medium & High End PC Configuration Instructions File Click to Download

Win10-2017 Download
WinRar Download
CCleaner Download
Revo Uninstaller Download
First Tool Download
Gameloop Heal Up file Download
Programs Download
Windows Defender Tool Download

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