How To Check Call/SMS History And Download

If you are searching to check anyone’s call/SMS history on your computer or mobile then you are at the right post. in this post, I have to teach you “How To Check Call/SMS History Download?”. It’s so much easy to check anyone’s such as “your son/daughter, Wife or Girlfriends” call/SMS history on your mobile. Just you need to have your “Jazz Internet Connection PC or Mobile”. If you have these two things then you can easily check the call/SMS history of anyone’s without taking his/her mobile from any location.

Check Jazz SIM’s Balance On Your Android

It’s really a very shocking trick to check anyone’s jazz sim balance on your android mobile within a minute without any kind of high technical trick. Just you need to have Jazz Internet on your android mobile and simply go to a given officially jazz link. Simply type the person number and you will get his/her Jazz SIM balance on your android mobile within a minute. After the check, the jazz SIM balance then calls him/her to say that you have *** balance in your mobile. when he/she listens there actual balance from you he/she will be shocked. then you start your trick to play with him that “If you want to get more free balance from Jazz then follow my instruction. He/She must follow your instruction which you say him after telling the actual jazz SIM balance.

Check Jazz/Any SIM Call/SMS History By E-Care Service

The E-Care portal is an official system where you can check anyone’s call/SMS history just by follow simple instruction which anyone can do easily on your PC or Android Mobile. You can Check Any SIM such as “Jazz/Mobilink, Ufone, Warid, Telenor & Zong” by its Official E-Care Portal. There is no cost or need to get support from their franchise person. You can do it yourself easily. For example, If you want to check jazz/Mobilink call/SMS history then Just search in google “Jazz E-Care Login” without inverted commas. you will get the Official Jazz/Mobilink E-Care Login link.

To Check Anyone Call/SMS History

Follow these easy steps to check your Son/Daughter, Wife Or Girlfriends Call/SMS history easily with your android/PC within few minutes.

  • 1: First Of All You Have Jazz Internet On Your Android Mobile.
  • 2: Go to bellow the page red UNLOCK LINK button to check jazz sim balance on your mobile.
  • 3: Type the required person Jazz SIM number and press “Submit” button.
  • 4: Call him/her and tell his/her actual jazz balance. When he/she listen and check their actual jazz balance. He/she will be shocked and mentally will be ready to follow your all instructions. then you say him/her that if you want to get free jazz balance then follow a simple step. you will really get jazz balance from Jazz/Mobilink company within a minute. When he/she ready to follow you then you go to the next step. Say him/her you will get a screen attempt to press okay or get a Message with PIN Number which he/she tell you instantly.
  • 5: Search in google “Jazz E-Care Login” (Note: Replace the Jazz word to your required Calling Company such as Warid, Ufone, Telenor Or Zong to get their E-Care Login Link). Click the Jazz E-Care Portal Link. When E-Care Portal Open
  • 6: Type the required person Mobile Number. After type, the number and press “login” button a screen attempt or message will be sent to your typed mobile number which you type on E-Care Portal. When he/she attempts the screen okay or tell you PIN Code. Instantly type PIN code and then you will log in E-Care Portal. Now you can check all Call/SMS history of your required person without taking his/her mobile from any location.

Jazz e-care service has been stoped by Jazz Company.
If you want to still check some information about sim card then Click Me to download app and install it.

After following all steps you will be able to check the complete Call/SMS history of your required person that he/she how is cheating with you. I hope you understand all steps to check Call/SMS history. If you still have any question then must comment below. I will reply to your valid question.

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